Today is the vernal equinox. One of my favourite landmarks of our natural calendar. The exact mid point between the winter and summer solstice where we have an equal amount of light and dark. 12 hours of each, perfectly balanced.

Things are running a little late this year due to the weather but I have seen a few little piglets and one batch of spring lambs.

It is usually a beautiful time of life, promise and fertility of both the land and animals. Buds popping and sprouting and our sleepy friends waking from a long winters sleep.

Ostara is an ancient pagan celebration that falls on the spring equinox each year.

Ancient Saxons had a yearly festival in honour of their fertility goddess Eostre. The original word that was later adopted and adapted by the church to form Easter as we know it today.

After all these years, the ancient symbols of fertility are still associated with this time of year… bunnies and eggs. Well, we all know the goings on of rabbits! A friend of mine ended up with 8 bunnies very rapidly after getting her bunny a ‘friend’!

The imagery of fertility pertains to hopes of the land being fruitful and on a personal note, humanities enduring wish for abundance in all areas of their lives.

So… yesterday, we set up our egg tree…

after making this years sequinned addition.

And we sprayed our front door with a mixture of water, a few drops of spearmint essential oil and some chalice well water and blessed all those that will walk over our threshold with love, health and happiness.

And then set some carrot tops to grow whilst we enjoyed a crunchy snack.

Our tomato seedlings are beginning to peep through and we asked them to grow us a bumper crop this year.

I think this sums up ostara beautifully. Something that anyone, from any religious background can appreciate.

And whilst we will also enjoy Easter activities over Easter weekend, exploring the vernal equinox this year reiterated a special understanding of our affinity with the earth and her changing rhythms of life.

After leaving our angel candle in the porchway to greet M with love after a long days work, I leave it to smile upon you also ❤️

Good times

It’s been a busy old time up here on windy hill since I last wrote…

We’ve had a very special little lady’s birthday!

Grandma made another lovely cake. This time, at sea themed cake for our fish obsessed little friend.

The sugar craft little B even has a replica Of her actual wet suit…

And a myriad of fish and shells adorning the idyllic land called…

And ooooooooh…. my little friend loved it!

She had a wonderful soft play gathering, which turned out to be no where near as loud and chaotic as is envisaged. 😊

Then came Mother’s Day…

And we headed for the hills.

This is curbar edge in Derbyshire and it’s absolutely stunning.

A favourite place of mine with the biggest views..,

And brooding skies.

And look at this…

The sweetest little coffee shop in the car park.

And the squashiest, softest eiderdown of moss.

The weather over the past couple of weeks has been more spring like since the beast was banished back to the east.

I even got to hang my first lot of washing out on the line. Always a nice and momentous occasion… aaaaah, the simple things.

It wasn’t to last though. This was a few days later! The poor chickens don’t know if they’re coming or going. I’m still waiting for some eggs.

And I’ve not known snowdrops out as late in the year as this for a long time.  The daffodils are still budding… everything is very sleepy this year.

Pop pop had a birthday and had to moor up for a few days due to the weather.

Still, it gave us chance to drive over and catch up with him for a birthday visit.

And we have new residents here on windy hill.

Little b has asked for a fish tank for years and we decided this year was to be our initiation into tropical fish.

Here is rob and bluebell…

A sucky cleaner fish (an Otto)

And some beautiful little neons.

My little friend loves them! We all do. It’s lovely to make a brew and sit in front of it and watch fish tv.

Snow joy

Well, here it is… here is all the snow we were forecast. Hardly a beast at all, although I have no recollection of our central part of England reaching such low temperatures as it has this week.

It’s been a different type of snow to the usual we get. Not so wet and slushy. Kind of dry and fluffy. Our verdict was that it was hard to make a snowball with, but as it came down harder, it was fantastic for flopping in!

So, it was all extremely exciting yesterday…

We packed off our local children as usual to school and went about our day as usual. Around 10am, the snow started to fall… heavily, quickly and dryly. Coating our roads in the middle of the day with enough to cause chaos. Our oracle over the meadow was right! It came from the direction of the pit chimney and it stayed and settled.

It wasn’t long until we were contacted by our village school with the wonderful news that if we wanted to, we could collect our children.

How wonderful! I was so happy just imagining how excited little B would feel to leave school early with her first school snow day! How thrilled she’d be when the teacher would call her name out to say her mummy’s here!

And oh my goodness, she was! She was so surprised and wide eyed when she came out of her class and gave me the biggest hug.

This is our walk home from school. The blue sky was an intermission between bulging skies of heaving clouds. It was beautiful whilst it lasted, B even took her coat off.

After much exploring, the day was even more wonderful when she saw her daddy running down the meadow to meet us! No working on slippy roofs for M during this weather, far too treacherous.

So, off we trotted, stopping to snowball each other…

And enjoy the happy, happy joy of a snow day for all!

You know I should be well used to B being at school now but I love having her home with me so much. Don’t get me wrong, I get very little work done whilst she’s around and have a mountain to work through when she goes back but I don’t care. I love having her close and comfortable and cosy here in our happy home on windy hill.

As the day went on, the snow got heavier and the wind really whipped up. My poor little ladies were not impressed and stayed huddled in their nesting box all day. I’ve been up and down swapping frozen water hoppers over, battening down the hatches to try and keep the snow out of their coop and feeding our wild birds. ( I’ve got a flock of yellow hammers that I’m helping to sustain at the moment… I counted 17 yesterday). I think rainbow, my big fluffy chicken, surrogate mother of our hatched bantams, might still be a bit shaken… my chickens free range and they were out exploring the garden when the snow came down lightly the previous day. They took themselves off to bed but the next day when I went to let them out, poor rainbow had been out all night! She didn’t go to bed! I think she didn’t want to tread through the snow so hid instead. She looked pretty traumatised when I scooped her up the next morning. I put her close to the others (who were now hiding from the snow in the nesting box) to warm up whilst she recounted tales of her brave night out in the frozen fox zone.

So today, after much Lego playing by the fire, we finally got our ski wear on and went out with the sledge. Crikey, the wind was so strong and was creating really deep drifts as it travelled across our frozen landscape.

Such a happy day… big smiles from all participants.

And something tells me that this little skier might take quite naturally to snowboarding as well!

M made me laugh, bringing a ratchet strap out with him to pull b along a little easier!

When we got back home, we had fun exploring this humongous drift in our garden. It’s as tall as my crazy friend! We made a castle out of it and celebrated when we were told tomorrow will be another cosy day at home as the school pipes have frozen. We played until the light faded

And when it did…

It was reminiscent of blue hour in Finland.

A lovely lady in Finland told me how the Lappish people revere the dusky time of day just before it goes dark when absolutely everything looks blue. It is a special and magical moment there and is particular to the amount of snow they have. The sky turns from a pastel shade of apricot to a gradual blue and then the blueness grows and thickens until it is beautifully reflected everywhere.

Tonight, windy hill went blue.

Turmeric and tummys

Every evening, around 9pm (or there abouts) after everyone has eaten, I get to sit down finally. On a weekday, I usually do two dinner sittings. M gets in late at this time of year so I’ll either have my tea with little B or with M, depending on how hungry I am.

Once the kitchen’s tidy and the dishwasher is on, I get brewing a nice, soothing turmeric latte on the stove… it’s become a bit of a ritual over the past year. I usually take a couple of magnesium tablets with it, ( which I’ll get to in another post ) and I settle down with M on my right and my little old lady, Tinky pink pants on my left.

Aaaaand relax!

You’ve probably read about the benefits of turmeric. I try to get as much of it as possible. We take a supplement of it in a morning… it goes in our food (if it suits) and I have a good couple of teaspoons in my latte at night.

The amazing ingredient in turmeric that your body loves, is curcumin. People call it an ‘anti-cancer’ spice as it switches on cancer fighting genes and slows down growth and spread of cancerous cells. I don’t like to be ‘anti’ anything in reference to our bodies… I prefer to call it a health promoting, cell rejuvenating spice that eliminates any unwanted cells. It’s a bit long winded, but there we go.

There’s a really interesting article on curcumin Here written by the most amazing chap. If you’ve never been on the Chris Beat Cancer website, I strongly urge you to. Read it and spread the news. This amazing man used the science behind health and nutrition to cure his aggressive cancer. This is a subject that’s very important to me… not for any personal reason as such, It’s just that over the last few years I have been questioning what we are lead to believe regarding cancer. I’ve done a great deal of research on the matter but am no expert. The current statistic of 1 in 2 people getting cancer is absolutely unacceptable. We are being bombarded from all angles in our lives… the food chain, pollutants, pharmaceuticals, chemicals in the household, our water and even in our sanitary products!

There’s a lot of money being made out of people’s illnesses and it’s wrong.

It’s so important to nourish our bodies in every possible way to maintain health and vitality. We must do this through our diets, our exercise routines, our avoidance of pollutants and chemicals, supplementing our diets with vitamins and minerals that we are lacking and importantly, keeping our minds calm, happy and positive.

This is a topic I will no doubt revisit in many way, shapes and forms, but for now, know this…

Every day, each and every one of us has pre- cancerous cells and our body removes them. That is it’s job. It’s done it so effectively and persistently since the day you were born. It will continue to do it, and you’ll never even know about it.

Cells get old and cells go bad. That’s life.

They go bad, and our healthy immune system gets its little dustbin lorry out and removes them, destroys them and eradicates all trace of them. I’m not talking about your immune system that fights coughs and colds. I’m talking about all the amazing immunity you have in your gut that goes out stringently inspecting your body for invaders and cells that are unacceptable and boots them out the door.

Those good guys go on patrol every second of the day and destroy bad cells. That’s what they do.

Keep your immune system healthy. Protect it. Love and nourish it in every single way you can and keep it absolutely ship shape.

When your little fighters get compromised, they can’t do their job. Cells don’t get removed. They mutate, get stronger and multiply. When our gut soldiers are strong, those old and bad cells don’t stand a chance.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has, then please, take some time to learn about how to boost your immune system and your gut health. Take a probiotic… acidophilus is a good one. Avoid gut microbiome destroyers. If you do this, and keep your gut garden healthy and vibrant, those weird little cells will continue to be history. You will also help every single system in your body.

For more of a scientific explanation of the link between your gut health and cancer, then please read this well-written article Here

I once read that cancer is like a warning light on the dashboard of your car. When you see a warning light, you fix the problem, you don’t smash up the dashboard.

Those lumps and growths that are cancerous are symptoms of an underlying problem. The lump is not the problem… look beneath it, above it, upside down and inside out it, and find the underlying issue. Don’t smash your dashboard. Get your car manual out and see what the warning light means.

Please have a read on the Chris Beat Cancer website and research, research, research this topic.

In the meantime…

If you want to make a turmeric latte and boost your good little fighters,it’s easy.

I’m vegan, so I use oat milk but you could use which ever type of milk you’d like. If you are going to use cows milk then please buy organic. Bovine growth hormone is one more man made, destructive chemical that will knock your gut and your endocrine system for six.

I use the hob on my stove and a small pan. I don’t own a microwave, I don’t like the way the waves change the composition of food.

Whilst your milk is warming just add a good old shake of turmeric. I add quite a lot so the milk goes a nice shade of primrose yellow.

I add a little maple syrup and voila! Yum! Golden deliciousness.

Tonight… I got radical!

I got the urge to add a heap of ground ginger.

Double yum!

Have a go. See what you think and let me know how you find it.


Kindness and coldness

Ooooooooh it’s gone fair chilly this week here on windy hill, and indeed across Britain. Apparently we are in the beginnings of a visitation from the ‘Beast from the East!’ Sounds quite bad doesn’t it!

Whenever the cold weather comes from the East, we know about it. And as my Octogenarian oracle over the meadow says…

” when the snow comes from the pit chimney, it settles and stays”.

The pit’s not there anymore… all the local coal mines shut years ago and have since been re-landscaped. She waved over the direction of a north easterly aspect though and I imagine that is where our easterly beast will crawl over from.

There’s snow forecast…

Panic stations!!!!

If only our country had the vaguest idea of how silly we act with a sprinkling of snow.

As I mentioned, we were in Finland a few weeks ago…

Now, this is what you call snow!! Look at those trees! Cocooned like people shaped baked Alaska’s.

And roads that generally look like this for half a year, (more or less).

On the buses we went on to various visits, there wasn’t one special snow tyre or snow chain… just blinking good drivers that have grown up knowing how to drive in all conditions. Most impressive.

I fell in love with Finland.

It’s beauty and purity absolutely astounded me.

Even though the -20 to -30c conditions were very harsh… I thought I was going to lose a finger every time I took a glove (or 3) off to take a picture.

It was worth every frozen eyelash moment.

So you see, beasty … I’m ready for you!

I’ll be keeping my eye out over the long gone pit chimney for your arrival.

We’ve no snow yet… the beast has sent us an icy blast to forewarn us.

Granddads water fountain has frozen in a most impressive honey comb shape which little B enjoyed poking.

But that beast is just not scaring my rhubarb! She’s having none of this nonsense and keeps sprouting more every day! I remember my mother in law mentioning that an extension was put on top of a rhubarb plant. The persistent and resilient little rhubarb carried on growing anyway and popped out of the side of the building instead! Hardy little yummy plants.

B and I hunkered down yesterday evening whilst M was watching England getting beaten by Scotland in the Calcutta cup. It’s been many years since the Scots won so I’m sure there were some great celebrations up there last night.

We got our trusty hamma beads out and began creating.

We love using hamma beads but if you’ve never done it, it’s easy…

Make your design, and when it’s done…

Iron it with grease proof paper on top with no steam.

When it goes like this…

Peel it off! Hey presto!

Here’s little B busily creating her masterpiece.

A nice new coaster 😊

Now, the Title of this post says “coldness and kindness “.

We’ve spoken about the coldness so how about the kindness?

Do you remember the lovely customer lady I mentioned the other day who has been treating M like royalty? Making him beautiful lunches and sending home chocolate cakes for our little B.

I came home yesterday after a long day out with my little one to find these on my doorstep:

And they were addressed to me! I couldn’t believe it. What a lovely, kind and generous lady we have had the pleasure of working for this week. I hope that she is especially cosy and comfortable with the new wood burning stove that my clever partner in crime has fitted for her.

True kindness is worth more than the Crown Jewels ❤️

Wishing trees

It’s been a lovely half term. The weather has been bright (mostly) but cold.

February half term is always a nice time to hunker down and enjoy the comforts of home. We’ve had a good mixture of home comforts and happy outings this week.

We’ve enjoyed our lazy mornings in our dressing gowns and the luxury of taking our time over our breakfasts rather than racing against the clock.

We tend to have avocado and toast at least twice a week. We all seem to enjoy it and it’s quick to do on a school day.

I like to cover mine in coriander and add a few chilli flakes. Little lady prefers plain.

We’ve had a lot of scrambled eggs at lunch time. It’s nice to be able to get together around the table at lunch which we don’t get to do on school days.

I’ve been enjoying fresh basil with my eggs this week. Yum.

We picked these roses up out of the bargain bin! They’ve been so nice to look at but I had to trim them pretty short as they were rather droopy.

We even had a few spare to dot about the house.

Little B had her friends over on Wednesday afternoon. What a great time they had. Two beautiful sisters with sunshine in their hearts and endless giggles and sunbeams to play with. They spent such a long time playing outside as kids do, exploring the pond (and falling in!) whilst I got to catch up with their smiley and lovely mummy.

After drying out from the pond slime, all enjoyed tucking into this homemade chocolate cake made by a very kind customer of Ms. What a week he has had… he’s been treated like a king at this lovely lady’s house. I couldn’t believe it when he came home with a whole chocolate cake made specially for little B!

We got lots of jobs done this week, things we’ve been meaning to do for ages but haven’t got around to.

At Christmas, we went to Lincoln Christmas market with our friends from the area. We picked up these beautiful star lamps but forgot all about putting them up!

This one now lives in bs room…

And this one is shining down in our hallway.

We had a special delivery today… a huuuuuuge pack of pipe cleaners. A clever friend of mine had made some gorgeous little flowers out of pipe cleaners with her little girl and we really had to have a go ourselves.


Aren’t they sweet! Little daffs and muscaries.

Little miss enjoyed making these and when M walked in mid way through, he even joined in!

If you fancy having a go, I found a really great tutorial for them Here

Making these little beauties was just what the doctor ordered after a bracingly cold walk around a “fairy trail” at Rufford Abbey this afternoon.

My little lady was far more interested in the different shaped and sized sticks she came across rather than the fairy trail.

But we were both really, Really taken with the most beautiful wishing tree at the end of the trail.

Every child had been given a ribbon to tie to the tree and make a wish at the end of the trail. It reminded me of the Buddhist prayer flags that flutter in the breeze and I suppose a very similar sentiment.

Little B eagerly fixed on her wish to the tree amongst all the other hopes and dreams of happy, optimistic children. How absolutely beautiful to think each one of those hundreds and hundreds of ribbons is so significant to the visiting bright and shiny souls that lovingly placed them there.

I was so touched by the wishing tree that I have decided we will bring this beautiful sentiment to our very own big tree who watches over us protectively.

I have a real thing for trees and the energies within them. I’ll share a very remarkable and magical story about a very special tree energy another time. Today, this tree seemed to be dancing into the wind, proudly waving all the wishes of the purist souls and reverently celebrating the attention it was receiving. We thought it such a very special moment to be part of. ❤️

Half term meanderings

It’s been a very windy but bright day today. After a morning of playing inside we eventually got dressed and headed outside. Little b was enjoying reacquainting herself with all her outside toys and was enjoying climbing up and down the ladder to her tree house. It’s never long before she finds her favourite little chicken though…

This is a picture from last summer. The sweet and tiny little bantam is called Thomasina. We hatched some chicks under a broody hen a couple of summers ago and thought this little one was a boy to start with and named her Thomas. She’s the sweetest, most docile little chicken and a really treasured friend of my little beauty.

Little b has her doing all sorts of tricks but really, she’s happiest when Thomasina is snuggling with her. Thomasina seems to enjoy a cuddle too!

Here they are in bs Wendy house watching bubble guppies! So cute.

So today, after I’d given the veg patch a good old tidy up, we had a small bonfire. B got her little chair, her fishing net and her chicken and settled down like a seasoned angler to spectate!

Life is gentle here for little b. Eating a banana watching a bonfire beats tv any day.

And that sweet little bantam definitely agrees!

She loves a snuggle!

After a while, chicken under her arm, our angler could feel a catch coming on! There’s no fish in there… it’s a natural pond, fed by the springs in the fields up here on windy hill. It rises and falls and we watch it with intrigue. There’s no frogs yet… we’ll soon be expecting them. The heron keeps coming along to check on their progress.

There is , however…

Teeny, tiny water snails.

The shouts and squeals of excitement for finding them would equal catching a carp I think! I love the wonder and excitement that the world brings to happy little children. The smallest things bring the biggest smiles.

After much exploring of pond weed

And collection of snails ( in my nutribullet cup of all things 🙈) we called it a day outside and went in for a yummy bite to eat.

I love half term. I love watching b enjoy the comfort and love of her own surroundings. She’s a real home- bod as we say around here! And I am too!


A bit of everything

Wow! I love it at this time of year when our little local shop ‘busy bees’ , (the kind of shop you can go in and ask for absolutely anything) sells beautiful primulas. The colours and varieties are so vivid and bring a wonderful flash of colour to a garden that hasn’t quite burst into life yet.

They are all potted up now and cheering the gateway into little bs garden. Everywhere looks so bare at the moment. But…

There’s life brewing and I watch with eager eyes each day what is happening in gardenville.

I have a huge hawthorn bush that shelters us all year round and showers my flower bed with a blanket of nutrient filled, frost protecting little brown quilty leaves from November time. I’m very grateful for that but come February, I can sense movement beneath it and I want to see what’s happening so out comes the rake.

And reveals life, promise and hidden beauty.

The trees are budding, the birds are singing and so is my heart! How wonderful to be outside in the cold, crisp but sunny days… feeling the minuscule temperature difference. I even took my woolly hat off the other day! It’s permanently attached to my head until March !

Speaking of heads… I’ve been experimenting on little b

This is called a ‘pull through braid’. Good old Pinterest showed me what to do. I’ve just ordered some dark elastics to disguise them a little better. Look at that hair! Thick, curly and gorgeous.

Her hair is wet here but we tried a braided crown. I quite like it!

Now little b has a bag of marbles like most kids do. Bs are slightly different though in that 80 % of them were dug up in the garden!

Over the past nearly 8 years I keep finding them spread out all over the garden which was turfed. I’ve removed the turf to make a border and they are in there! It’s a mystery as to why.

I found another one today! Excuse the muddy hands, the subterranean marble was a little mucky upon its excavation.

I read recently that if you find a stone with a white stripe over it, it’s good luck. B picked this one up near Gunwalloe in Cornwall. I spotted it outside today and brought it inside to clean it up and charge it up. It’s a beauty! I’ve put it with my crystals.

I’ve had my crystal collection tucked away in my wardrobe for far too long. I bought a lovely dish to display them in and have given them a nice little spot to live in in the lounge now.

I’m hoping to do a crystal course soon with the lovely reiki master that did my last attunement. I really love crystals and thought my little friend would enjoy rummaging through them and learning about their names.

I’ve put this little piece of carnelian to work already. I’ve had some Japanese cherry blossom seeds in my fridge for a good six months. It’s time to take them out and wake them up! I really hope they sprout. I’m hoping this little carnelian will help them on their way.

Whilst we are on the topic of the metaphysical, I bought these oracle cards in the summer. I really like them. The pictures are beautifully illustrated and little b loves to look at all the kind people in them. She particularly likes the archangel Michael card.

I picked beautiful Mary Magdalene today. So as it reads… I thought I should share!

Well, what a varied post… we’ve covered a lot there.

Have a great week ahead ❤️

Empty fridge day concoctions

You know that day of the week when you are due for your shopping and you’re faced with an empty fridge but with the odd exception of a few random ingredients?

That was yesterday and the hunger drums really were doing the bossa nova.

It was like an episode of ready steady cook! Remember that? For those who’ve never seen it, two celebrity chefs would have 20 minutes to concoct something delicious out of strange and random ingredients.

So… we had some broccoli and a cauliflower and some eggs and sweet corn. It turned out really tasty actually. I went for a Persian inspired wrap. A while ago, I made Persian Nargessi , narcissus Persian spinach and eggs and it was absolutely scrumptious.

I’m gluten free so I had a few of these wraps which I’ve found to be ok ish in the gluten free range

Excuse the worlds oldest roasting tin! Chopped up cauliflower and broccoli stems. However, if I were to do this again I would make the stems shorter as they were a bit long to bite through. I’d also make the cauliflower smaller and cook that separately for 10 mins on its own as it was ready way after the broccoli.

Now… the Persian inspiration..

Squeeze half a lemon and cover in turmeric and salt. I omitted the saffron and orange but you could add that if you like and roast in the oven until the broccoli goes glossy and very green.

Smother your wrap in some chipotle if you have any and I added a boiled egg and some sweet corn.

Tink was on hand begging for the chopped broccoli stalk ends as usual. You know I swear this dogs secret to living so long is her love of raw vegetables! She’s a Staffordshire bull terrier and is nearly 16 now. That’s a ripe old age for a staffy .

My little old lady has to wear pants now and is totally deaf and almost blind but she’s still available for cuddles.

Mmmm… I enjoyed this bit… sitting in front of the fire enjoying my empty fridge concoction which was a great success! Yum.

A pagan Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I really like the fact that today offers us a moment in our busy lives to take a moment to show our families that we love each other. A moment to take stock that love really does make the world go round and that everything we choose to do can always be traced back to our intentions to either show or receive love.

For the past couple of years I have bought little B a single rose on Valentine’s Day. We then dry it and then when she is a wonderful adult with the world at her feet, she will have a bunch of dried roses to remind her of her families love for her.

February is a wonderful time in the pagan calendar. A half way point between the darkest winter solstice and the spring equinox. A time of optimism known as imbolc.

Imbolc is February the 1st-2nd and marks the beginnings of spring and the start of the lambing season.

As we see the sprouting bulbs peeping up from their sleepy beds it makes perfect sense that imbolc ( originally imbolg ) means ” in the belly” conjuring images of nurturing, growth and expectation of new beginnings.

You know a while ago I wrote a post about my love of snowdrops and their significance to me. You can see it Here. This time of year has always been a wonderful time to observe and imbolc is a beautiful way to celebrate it so maybe next year, light a candle, think of the beauty that lies ahead in the year to come and take a moment to nurture those around you, yourself and your plans. Let go of past problems and make way for new beginnings.

I found this beautiful imbolc intention and wanted to share it with you.

So whilst I’m not a fan of the modern, commercialised Valentine’s or indeed the Roman roots of Lupercalia , I prefer to use Valentine’s Day to bring to my families attention the loving and nurturing ethos of imbolc, the promise of new life and how we can make way for new opportunities with the certainty that the universe will provide for us.