Hi there

So this is the world of blogging! Crikey me, it’s taken me ages to figure all the settings out and all that funny business and I am still all fingers and thumbs.

Wow! This feels like a momentus occasion!  A mark in history for my future offspring to explore as they grow and revisit childhood memories of the home… that’s the plan anyhow…. that and to share some craft ideas and tutorials and general ramblings about crafts, motherhood, nature, music and life.

I’ll explain a little more about me later, I just wanted to say hello and submit my first entry and picture.  What you see on my table is a little afternoon treat time for me whilst little one is dreaming peacefully away during her afternoon nap.  The treat is a decaf coffee ( i know, boring for coffee fans) and my all time favourite Grasmere Gingerbread. Oh my goodness…. if you like ginger and have never tried this you must  I first discovered it 15 years ago on an A-level geography field trip to the lake district.  There is a gorgeous little village called grasmere where the late and wonderful William Wordsworth was from.  In this tiny honey trap is a tiny little cottage which is converted to a shop selling the most delicious gingerbread ever!!! It must have been good to impress a stroppy 18 year old at the time!

I came back armed with it for my family as gifts and ever since then, when ever my parents go to the lakes, they nip in and bring me some back. I’ve had to show the cute little paper bag and wrapping in the picture that they come in as it is so delightfully traditional. A real joy unwrapping it. Mmmmmm I love ginger Mmmmmm.  This is the site if you do care to take a peek… I believe that it is a favourite of Jaimie Oliver as well.  www.grasmeregingerbread.co.uk/ 

So, each day I get a window of me time of about 2 hours and I generally get to have a cuppa and a treat at some  point amidst the chaos of living with a 1 year old.  Todays treat followed cleaning the bathroom… that is Fridays task now and I have to really urge myself to get on with it.  I am definitely not a fastidious cleaner, and whilst I like to be hygienic in my home, I would prefer to be doing other things! I may be at home a lot, but I am not there to have the cleanest floors or most gleaming bathroom, I’m there for my little B or Beebop as I have recently started to call her!  I do enjoy my cuppa in tinkerbel at this time of day, a gift from a wonderfully talented ex student of mine from a past life when I was a music teacher in a comprehensive school.

Aren’t those roses beautiful and brightening! It’s so damp and miserable today and they brighten up the corner beautifully.  I gathered them yesterday whilst the sun was shining from our wooded area.  Oh my goodness, it is more than overgrown and is a task in itself!  The nettles are as tall as me and the brambles are like something out of the little shop of horrors.  I love that musical! I have some more on the stove in the lounge also and each time I look at them they make my heart soar.

Well, who’d have thought a cup of coffee and gingerbread could take so long to talk about!

So my first ever post is complete and here is my mark on cyber space… here lies the past for my lovely little Beebop to look at as she grows and any other twinkles in my eye that may come to be in the future.



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