Pine cones and blackberry pie


Mmmm… We had a lovely family gathering on Sunday and lucky old me managed to walk away with some scrumptious left over pie that granny had lovingly made us all. Fresh blackberries from her garden and pastry to die for. What a treat for todays project to accompany! It was seeing my nephew on Sunday that reminded me actually of a challenge I had been set. Last time I saw him, I was educated about the barometric properties of pinecones after we were discussing some green pine cones we had recently collected. I promised him that next time he visited windy hill, I would have some hanging so that little b can enjoy watching them open and close. A wonderful excuse to use some brightly coloured wool!


After making a long chain and single crocheting colours along it, adding a bright scalloped edge,


And attaching the pine cones by chains, I’d pretty much achieved what I wanted to. A pretty, bright pinecone barometer to brighten up my patio area by the back door. Its a sheltered spot under cover so if it’s warm enough, it’s nice to sit out at even when it’s rainy!


So there it is, dangling away above our little table with….


More pine cones beneath it!!! They are lovely to decorate with, but you have to dust them down often as the spiders just loooove living in them!


It’s a lot of effort for some pinecones!!!! But worth it in my eyes. Can’t wait for my pompom maker to arrive so that I can add further embellishment. 🙂 Right, off to wake the little lady up and have sleepy snuggles whilst we read some books. I’m looking forward to bringing her down to see our new dangley addition to windy hill! Not quite as excited about the probable look on m’s face when he sees them! Also, off to take Maureen for her m.o.t so fingers crossed!! Xxxxxx


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