Bye bye shoe!


I had a bright idea today and 5 minutes to spare before waking beebop up. I’m sick and tired of using one of m’s shoes as a doorstop for the back door! Whilst I can’t do anything about the dreadful doors just yet, I can say good riddance to the shoe! I just needed to find the right sort of stone and my sharpie pens and…..


Create this little fellow!!! Isn’t he sweet and it really did just take 5 minutes. I must say, I felt a little bit naughty defacing a stone that has stood the test of time on the planet for so long, but I thought about it and decided it was going to give the stone a new perspective on life!


My little friend would be just the job and would also make a certain little girly smile when she descends from her sleep. I glued his eyes on and sat him in the sun to dry whilst I enjoyed the sweetest tasting peas that I picked 10 minutes before. Mmmm delicious!


So here he is, in all his glory…. The shoe destroying ladybird! A vast improvement I would say! Xxxxx


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