Birthdays and bananas


Wowzers!!! Yesterday was hot, hot, hot and little b was not fond of eating. She has decided that bananas are great for the first two mouthfuls, and then I am left with a half eaten banana in my bag to take home. Now I’m not the greatest fan of them and if m’s around, he is general banana polisher-offerer!! Yesterday, he wasn’t and I can’t bear to waste food, so made a little experiment that worked wonderfully!


After mashing it up, and mixing it with natural Greek yoghurt…


I added some blueberries and crammed it into my lovely ice lolly moulds that I picked up for a couple of pounds from eBay. A good way to get extra dairy into little tummy too!


I will definitely do this again as the result was devoured wholeheartedly. It was m’s birthday yesterday and I like to decorate the house for birthdays. I made some ‘happy birthday’ bunting for b’s first birthday and made an individual strip with her name on, so I spent a quick hour with my sewing machine making one that said ‘daddy’ so that we could stick that up as a surprise.


I’d ran out of bias binding so just used some apron tape.


And hung it all up together after m had gone to bed. I like to pick fresh flowers out of the garden for birthdays and put them at the breakfast seat, so I got up early and picked my lovely Lillies, which looked fab alongside the bacon sandwich that m had waiting for him as a special treat!


After a long day in the Sun with beebop, we were both ready for a nice evening out and as my parents are wonderful and babysat, we had the rare treat of a meal out at a much loved country pub with a lovely menu. I do love birthdays!!! What a lovely day! Xxxxx


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