Home days…


We go out and about, me and my little friend, most days in the week but I always like to have at least one day where we are generally mooching about the house, the garden and our village at the furthest. I feel as though we both need it. No time constraints, no other children and just each other for entertainment. Somehow we feel more settled after these day. It’s good touching base. Some days we bath the dog, poor thing. great entertainment for b and poor tink definitely needs bathing more now she is getting old.


We do lots and lots of reading, usually on mummys knee in our rocking chair that my parents had made.


Sometimes we make volcanoes out of baking powder, vinegar and playdough… The list is endless! The teacher in me picks up on something b is playing with and seeks to explore it further in as many different ways as possible. Simple things like an astronaut who appears on b’s jigsaw became the highlight of one afternoons explorations. Videos on youtube of shuttle launches, drawing astronauts and making rockets! We bring characters alive out of favourite books like our own cardboard blue kangaroo! And strange objects seem to appear in strange places…


Like a carrot in the plug in radiator!! Today is a home day and it’s been lovely. Our topic is gorillas! I had a chuckle to myself today… I have started to revert to work behaviour by way of making lists! I’m not a list person, but couldn’t get through my working day without them. Lists that would churn your tum a bit… Lists that were taxing and barely achievable in the working day. Lists that were ever. So. Boring!!!!!!!! I laughed today looking at my list of things I wanted to get done today. It is a happy little list in comparison!


It comprises of-

  • Gorillas
  • Make pompoms with b
  • Throw pompoms into a hoop
  • Bowling with pompoms and toilet roll tubes.
  • Post office- buy card. Get stamp and post parcel.
  • Sew strap on b’s bag.
  • Dismantle jolly jumper.
  • Water jeans plants.
  • Make orange ice lollies
  • Make strawberry yoghurt for frozen lollies.


What a happy list. I’ve not finished it yet and it is a Friday where I have to bless my bathroom and upstairs by cleaning it…. Urgh…. Happy blessing thoughts! But these are the nice bits that it would be nice to get done on top of the usual. Nice to get done, not imperative like the yucky work list. So long yucky work lists…. I shall stick with happy lists for the foreseeable future!


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