Summers evening


So, this is the scene on this lovely, warm evening that I am typing to. M is busy doing manly BBQ things on our very modest BBQ…


And I am enjoying my neon dragonfly hanging whilst listening to the church bells ringing as our local church has it’s weekly bell ringing practise.


I couldn’t believe my luck one wintry October night when we had just moved in…. I was 5 months pregnant and trying to decorate the babys  room. I opened the window and heard the bells peeling.  Every Thursday, without fail between 8 and 9pm it starts. On a summers night it is glorious and on a winters night, it is comforting.  The church was part of the Olympic opening bell ringing across the country. Ours sounded at 8.15am!

Gosh it’s been glorious today.  When little b got up from her nap, she came down to her paddling pool and all sorts of water fun.


I had frozen in ice cube trays some pure orange for her to chase around in water on a hot day like this….


This was amusing and when she caught them, she loved sucking them.

Yesterday was fabulous too, not quite so hot so we packed the bikes in the back of the truck and headed to Sherwood pines.


B loved the wind whizzing past her on the bike and there is a lovely play area and adventure land half way around our route that she enjoyed exploring with her dad….


I sat back and watched, enjoyed the tall Scots pines wooshing above me….


And had a minute to myself, which was sheer joy!
I always like to pack a flask and we enjoyed the remainder of Hildas muffins!


Now I know I was going to give you the results of my project tonight, but it is too warm and lovely for me to miss and I need to sit at my computer to do it, rather than my phone as I am on at the minute, so I will have to take a rain check on that one until next time.

Mmmmm…. In the meantime, I am going to sample our black cherry tomatoes that are finally ready to eat …


And relax!!!


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