Tired days


Poor old m has been working so, so hard during his supposed summer holidays. We’ve hardly seen him. If he is around at home he is busy knocking walls about and transforming old, unloved bedrooms to new en-suite beautifide ones. That’s the plan anyhow….
I thought he deserved a pampering session and he has been dropping hint after hint about achey bones. I thought I would try out my volcanic, heat retaining stones on him and give him a hot stone massage. Here they are…. Lovely, ancient stones. Part of the planet, long before we were.


After heating them slowly for an hour, you wouldn’t believe how hot they get. Scolding hot. There are different sizes to place strategically to heat muscle groups and to soothe and feel comforting.


Poor m was snoring away before long


And my lovely stove looked so pretty all lit up.


He enjoyed it and I enjoyed being able to use my wise old stones.

It had been a busy day that day….


We took little b to http://whitepostfarmcentre.co.uk


Luckily for us, aunty s’s middle son helped build it years ago and gave us a free family pass. How lovely!







The most beautiful deer…


Goats and much, much more.. But the most giggle inducing moment was looking at the absolutely enormous….


Fish! Ah, it was a lovely afternoon and fun was had by all. It was so lovely to see b enjoying daddy time. She transforms into a ‘daddy is my superhero’ little munchkin and beams and shouts his name incessantly. This week her language has come on no end. She spoke from very early and her first word other than mammam and daddad was ‘bird’. Lately she copies everything as best as she can but this week she is pointing at things and saying words from her memory without being prompted. It’s incredible. Watching the process of language development is absolutely fascinating.

Other things then…

We have had a fabulous week of produce so far.


Little b is not particularly fussed about shop bought tomatoes but try to walk past the greenhouse at the moment without tomato grabbing at your peril! B loves, loves, loves them!!!!


Trying to keep up with the beans without wasting them, we are eating them everyday!!!! But the best bit is our potatoes.


M just threw in the ground spuds that were sprutting and they’ve gone mad and taste delicious!

Well…. I’m taking lots of pictures of m`s handiwork at the moment and will show you soon.  It’s fantastic that something is happening in the house and that we are taking small steps to change things again.

Night night xxxxx


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