Flowers, flowers…


What a beautiful rose and I didn’t pick it!!! I have found it in a lovely vase from the rose fairy! It seems that m has a soft side! My roses are hidden at the moment behind our gigantic butternut squash plants. Neither m or I realised that they needed to climb until I spotted tendrils on them. After a little web exploration I discovered that indeed, they need to climb! M strung up some wiring and….


Hey Presto!!!! They have grown magnificently!  So much so, that they will soon compete with my elderflower tree!


We’re hoping for a good crop so that we can have plenty of these….


Yum!! Here’s a nice little snack for you….

Half the squash, don’t worry about the seeds, you can scoop those out much easier when the flesh is all squishy after it’s cooked.
Score the flesh and grate some garlic over the top. Add black pepper and a little salt. Now lay it on its back on a baking tray and add an inch of water around it in the tray. Put in the oven on 180 degrees for about 40 mins…  I then grate some cheese on top and pop under the grill.  Serve with buttered toast, scoop out and spread on! Delicious!

I’ve been pottering around in the garden today and I took a picture of these orange flowers that I love!!!! They last for ages in a vase and are so cheerful, but I don’t know what they are called so please, if you know then do tell!!


B is head over heels with ladybird love again….


This little beauty arrived from granny and granddads recent excursion to the seaside!   It is sitting pretty next to my now fading Echinacea…


There’s something really satisfying about seeing flowers that you have planted providing yummy pollen for the bees, butterflies and insects.  Especially as I heard on the local radio the other day that our lovely honey bees are starving to death at the moment.  Apparently, pollen can only be collected after the Sun has warmed it.  Our lack of sunshine this year has had such huge implications on the poor things. I feel very happy to see them on my flowers.  I think one day, m and I may look into bee keeping, but until then, I will keep planting flowers!!


These flowers were in a mixed hanging basket pack that I came across.  M started them off in the green house and they are fabulous now. The bees love them. I have no idea what they are though!


They are nice for Rosie to watch over!  Poor Rosie…. She has had a lot to deal with lately so we must look after her. She did live quite happily for many years on m’s parents boat with her lifetime pal Jim.
But poor, poor Jim suffered an injury at the hands of some incredibly curious patterdale terriers and now has no nose! Until his reconstruction is complete…. Which may be some time….. Rosie has been rehomed!  She is currently under the cover of our veranda on the swing, keeping her eye on things!

Today, I took little b with me to deliver some leaflets advertising music lessons. I met a lovely lady in her front garden who insisted on us taking some of her beautiful lavender with us. Wasn’t that so nice of her.  I really love the people who live on our hill. There are some lovely people


And they look and smell delicious in my porch with my lovely tatting cloth.

Well, today is mostly about flowers and veg, but next time, I have a lovely crochet project for you!

Lots of love xxxxxx


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