Cards and herbs


Where did Autumn go? One minute I am debating whether m will notice if I slip the heating on, and the next we are sitting in the sunshine. This little pic is of me ‘having a moment’… Just barely 5 minutes as m takes b to bring us all a post walk drink out at my local pub. A very rare treat indeed, but it was very hot and they put water out for thirsty doggies so that was my excuse!!! Such a lovely beer garden, surrounded by farmers fields and a very safe space for little b to explore.


Not that I’d done much hard work…. I’m chief dog handler, whilst m makes short work of carrying an extra 2 stones on his back!


What have I been making then? Well…. Aunty s’s birthday present is taking over still. I’m not a quick knitter and so it is taking some time. The clock is ticking though so I need to finish it up pronto! I’m busy busy in the kitchen most days preserving our fruit and veg… A place I am not entirely comfortable being as I do find cooking very stressful!! M is a superb cook and in all honesty, we all prefer his meals, but despite him trying to assure me that it is unnecessary, I feel duty bound to try to put a decent meal on the table for him as I am at home with b whilst he earns an honest crust. Oh my goodness… We’ve had (or I have) some epic disasters! Since I recently discovered Pinterest though, I’ve found I can cook!!! Sort of anyhow! I’ve always liked baking and that goes well, but I need to get better at dinners!


So, my ladybird doorstop gave me an idea the other day and I thought I would make some cute little plant pot stones to go in my herb pot. They need a little more finesse perhaps, but you get the idea. I’ve glued some sweet little leaf buttons on, but they are hard to see.


Then a friend of mine started a new teaching job at a new school…. I made her a little card to post to her pigeon hole at the new school to find on her first day there. I’m afraid I couldn’t find a lucky four leaf clover, so cheated and glued an extra petal on.


The work continues upstairs and I am getting very good at closing doors and pretending there is no mess behind them!

Well, that’s it for today…. Next time…. Aunty s’s present unveiling!!!


Mum and dad, if you are reading this on holiday, I love you very much x7


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