Pixies, cupboards and vinegar!


We’ve had a lot of home days this week. It’s been nice. Little b has been simply adorable until today…. She’s getting so clever at talking and now she can say ‘yeah’ instead of just no, it’s great to be able to offer her options and see what she would prefer. She’s been full of cuddles and snuggles and I have been relishing them with snuggley buggley glee!!! But today!!!!! Yikes!!!!! Best laid plans of mice and men…. I had all sorts planned for us but a grumpy, objectionable demeanor first thing this morning painted the picture of the day to follow! B is a happy little soul, so when she is like that, alarm bells ring. There’s something nasty lurking…. Be it troublesom teeth (urgh!!! Will this teething ever end????!!!!) or something else. Sure enough the little mite was beside herself with tiredness by lunch and descended into hysterics. A very, very unusual thing. I gave her a dose of medicine before her sleep as I was sure something was wrong and sure enough 2 and a half hours later, when I went up to wake her ( I think she would have slept all day!) she had been sick 😦 oh my poor little friend. Bed stripped and everything in the wash and cuddles, books and inside activities for the rest of the afternoon. She’s gone to bed ok tonight, so let’s see what tomorrow brings.
We did, however, get to take aunty s her birthday present this morning! Yes, she was impressed and loved it. So…. Here we are…. Modelled rather reluctantly by my good self…..


A pixie hood!!!! In bright red, chunky knit wool. Strange thing for someone who is 78! I did this intentionally as she tends to her animals all year round and I thought it would keep her ears and neck warm. Made in red so we can see her in it from our window as she potters around her barns.


It needed some way of fastening under the chin, so I picked up some stitches….


And made a little strap so fasten with….


One of these fabulous, vintage poppers. My wonderful parents bought me a vintage sewing box for Christmas and filled it with vintage items from the same antique centre it was bought from. Oh my goodness. I set aside an afternoon to sort it and organise it and discover all the old bits inside. Even now, it fills my tum with yummy, sunny happiness when I open it up and peek inside. It feels very comforting. Perhaps reminding me of childhood memories peeking through my own mums.  A bit like the button jar…. Oh so many memories of emptying that out and organising it.  I have my own now and love looking at that too!!!

I digress!
So it needed a pretty little button to cover the popper….


Perfect! That will do nicely.


And I love the pretty way it looks.
Aunty s laughed when I gave it to her and told me she used to wear these pixie hoods when she was a girl to school.  She tried it on and it did look funny, like a fairy godmother but in pixie form!!! She was very proud of my efforts and showed bobbob (as b has named him.)
Excellent. And I can now put my needles away for a while, although, I do intend to make little b one as it is such a good ear and neck warmer! Might even make one for myself.
I will put the pattern on for you when I get a minute.


Other things then… Cupboards!!! Yucky, sticky cupboards where honey has leaked …. Also, where I gave crammed in all my baking items and general food items fall on your head when you open the cupboard!!!!
The plan…. To remove all baking items, pop them in a nice basket and kilner jars on a shelf somewhere else and clean the cupboard….


Hurray!!!! Done!  And the shelves now are clean, tidy and less likely to cause a black eye!

Well…. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into homemade cleaning products.  I hate the feeling of breathing in noxious fumes when cleaning, the idea of remnants of products getting on our crockery and being eaten and general other nastiness related to such toxicity.  So…. I have discovered the beauty and versatility of white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda as we call it here in the uk, or baking soda to our international friends.  Wow!!! Nature provides again, and we have chosen to ignore it in favour of laziness once again.
No more!!!! Not on windyhill anyway!!!! I have made my all purpose spray by mixing a litre of water with half a cup of white vinegar and a quarter of a cup of bicarb and I can’t believe it.  I tested it on the honey gloop in the cupboard, the oven, the shower glass and obviously got totally carried away with it’s efficiency and cleaned my windows and French doors!!!!! Now that is crazy! I’ve not done them in two years!
Wow!!! I can’t recommend it enough and the beauty is, if b breathes it in…. So what!!!! And if it gets on plates…. So what!!!!!!
If your worried about your home smelling like a chip shop…. Don’t. Yes, as you spray it, it smells of vinegar, but only when it’s wet. Once it’s dry…. No odour!!!
I’ve also made a carpet freshener and some dog perfume for tink which I will tell you about next time! Nature is the way!!!!!

Night night xxxxxxx

Ps thanks for the postcard mum and dad x7


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