Destruction and pretty things


And breathe…. Focus on the pretty jar of lavender and rosemary rather than….


What was, the kitchen! Remember me saying I could shut the door upstairs and pretend it wasn’t happening?! There’s no getting away from this blitz reenactment!   


Oh my! My vinegar cleaner is going to be on overdrive!


At least I had a five minute warning this time and could empty the work surfaces as fast as lightening. Unlike at my old house when I popped out for an hour and came back to a similar site, but with all the pots still in the sink and everything covered in muck. There was some hilarity in the situation…. Close your eyes if you are weak of heart…..


This was found in the ceiling!!!!! A gift from the builders from 1975!!!! And in a vicarage no less! I have to admit I have flicked through and it is incredibly tame by todays standards, with t.v commercials being more riskee than this vintage find! What should I do amidst the rubble while b is asleep??? Research potty training and….


Create a door hanging!!!! Ah, that’s better…. Focus on pretty things…. Ignore the hammering!!!!


Recognise the ribbon? I have recycled it from the wedding we went to….


And stitched on some pine cones for an early Autumn effect. I do love pinecones as you know!


At least the horrible 1970s archway is nearly gone. Good riddance there! And as I always try to do…. Look for the positive and something to be grateful for…. I am very grateful that we are moving forward and to have such a talented, handy fellow to live with. Right…. I’m off to granddads house to collect some runner beans!!! Xxxxxx


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