Operation wet pants…. Day 1

Well…. Poor b is full of cold and didn’t sleep well last night so I’m currently sat on her rocking chair waiting for her to wake up. She’s been asleep 2.5 hours again! Crikey…. Little miss loves her sleep!


Sleeping soundly and making little snuffling noises. Simply adorable. Well, it’s day 2 today but I thought I’d. Bring you up to date.


After putting plenty of old towels around the carpet …


And on the sofa….


I made up some bicarb and vinegar (yes, I’ve become obsessed!) as the vinegar removes odours. I’m pleased to learn that urine is sterile, but I don’t want any lingering odours after all of this. Well….. Little b kept me on my toes and I began to wish for eyes in the back of my head. Wee’s were coming every 15 minutes in the morning. I was tanking her up with liquids to encourage toilet opportunities but didn’t expect that!!! I knew that day one would be all about b learning what her body does and didn’t have any expectations other than trying to plonk her on the potty mid flow, and this is pretty much how the day went. I’m glad I went with my instincts and bought 21 pairs of pants for her rather than the advised 7!!!!!! I think we got through 7 before lunch!!! The hardest thing is keeping her occupied inside as it’s too cold outside for her to run around in pants. Bless her…. She was fast on yesterday when I went up too! It must be mentally exhausting for the little mite


Whilst she was asleep yesterday, I played with my button jar to make some cute adornments for a mirror I have….



And finished off some more crocheted Autumn leaves


Which I will show you what I am doing with next time. Until then…. Wish me luck!!! Xxxxxxx


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