Operation wet pants, day 3,4 and 5


After 3 solid days of being at home with b and her sprinkler system, I was incredibly grateful for the grandparents offering to babysit on Friday night. Our local, village pub is at the top of the hill and has some local folk musicians play on a Friday night. It was just what the doctor ordered!
Day 3 was very similar to day 2… No difference at all really.
Day 4 was a definite cause for celebration with not one puddle on the floor, and even better, little b was actually trying to tell me she needed to go in her own little way.
Day 5 was not as successful, but bearing in mind that we had a day at b’s grandparents with differing surroundings and excited cousins to play with, I think b did really well. Only 2 puddles and 3 successful wees on the toilet. Yes! The toilet!!!! It seems that little b prefers the big toilet with a little seat adapter.  but then again, she never sees mummy and daddy on the potty so it makes sense really!
Only a short post tonight as I’m feeling under the weather…. I will add that you may have heard about the meteorite that made national news on Friday night. Mum and dad got a magnificent view of it whizzing over windy hill whilst we were in the pub!



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