Guardian angels


B and I went out yesterday to blow the cobwebs away after a yucky, poorly week and to make the most of some glorious Autumn sunshine. I wanted to gather some of the beautiful leaves that are beginning to flutter down, so set little beebop on the mission.  We had a lovely morning, and it was also a huge success in pant land!! They remained dry!!!!! Bless her heart, she walked such a long way too. 
We got some fantastic coloured leaves and played with sticks and pinecones, ran down banks…. B’s favourite sport!!! And low and behold…. Met little b’s guardian angel on the way….


What an amazing shot.  I was taking it of b running down the bank and when I looked at it, it had this celestial hue to it.  A loved one visiting? Or maybe the sunshine through the tree? Who knows…. But a lovely shot.


we came back in with cold hands and rosy cheeks. What better on an autumn day to warm up with a snuggly blanket and your first ever drink of hot chocolate. Oh my! Little b loved it!


We spent a while after she woke up, examining our leafy treasures and then a lesson on needles, thread and scissors…


You see, I have grand plans for these little beauties.  A very fine needle goes through the stem easily and once b had finished examining the hanging leaves….


They were put inside a heavy book to flatten out and keep safe until I get chance for phase two!


In the meantime, tinky is clearly enjoying the firelit evenings, as am I… Especially gleeful tonight as today, I am extremely proud to announce that all wee wees and poo poos have been done cleverly on the toilet and potty… Even one whilst we were out and about at grannys church! Hurrah!

I will show you our finished leaf project next time, until then…. Wish me a puddleless few days ahead xxxxxxx


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