Autumn leaves and soup bowls!

It’s a lovely, bright afternoon and little b is tucked up asleep in much needed dreamland. Bless her heart, her canines are really hurting her and I could hear her whimpering in her sleep all night last night. Consequently, she has been a little monster this morning!!!

I had to share this little snap of her on the monitor, fast asleep with her bum up in the air!


Aaaaa! Sweet little friend.

Anyhow…. Today I am going to show you how to make these Autumn leaves.


Firstly, chain 13.  In the second stitch from your hook, half double crochet. Half double again, double crochet, double crochet again, now do three treble crochet, follow these with two double crochet and then do two half double crochet. Chain 1 to help you around the bend onto the other side, now repeat the pattern until the you get to the top. Slip stitch into the first half double you did, now simply single crochet all the way around to make a nice, neat, sturdy edge. Now when you get to the top, slip stitch again into your first single crochet.


Now, this next bit is to make the central vein down the middle and it is easier than it sounds. Find the first space in your original chain and poke your hook through it.


Pick up the yarn and pull it up and slip stitch. Do this all the way until the end. When you get to the final space, poke your hook through and let go of the yarn. Instead, pick up your original tail and pull up. Pull it all the way through and release. Now put your hook up through the underside of your edge and pick up the tail and pull back through. Snip your yarn and knot the two ends. Weave the tails in and there you have it! Have fun with your new leaves!!!!

Well, I’m off to check on my pear crispy slices.


I’m experimenting and whilst the oven is on low for a rice pudding I’ve made for b I thought I would wade down the pile that m bought home the other day. I hope they work like the apple ones as they are much easier to prepare, having no cores.


I’ve added nutmeg this time so we shall see!!
We are enjoying our soupy dinners and b has the most adorable items to eat it out of.



This royal doulton bunnykins bowl was a christening present from her grandma and pop pop as she calls him,


Granny found soupy bear as we have christened him in a charity shop.
I can still remember a picture on a plate that I used to use, with great fondness so here they are little b… For years to come, when hopefully, they remain unbroken!!!!

Right…. Pears….

See you soon for a Halloween pattern that I’ve been working on xxxxxx


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