I just had to share this adorable picture of little b transfixed with the candle inside our pumpkin. I’m afraid it was done in a hurry and is rather simple but b thought it was fantastic. She has been a bit perturbed by the ghoulish looking pumpkins she has spotted out and about so the whole process of carving one will hopefully help her understand.


B wanted to surround herself with the pumpkins we have bought.


And enjoyed eating the seeds and throwing them to tinky! I love the whole side of Halloween that focuses on the ancient origins of it being basically a harvest festival. As you know, I have a thing about nature as a provider, so it’s right up my street. I love Autumn and it’s abundance and focus on this rather than ghosts and ghouls. I love bats as we have them here whizzing around our house…. They will be hibernating soon so my bats I’ve made pay homage to them! Our house is always full of spiders too, so our pom pom spider seemed rather fitting! So you see, little b…. Nature is the main focus up here on windy hill…. With the exception of my white witches shoe, and…….


My spooky front door sighn! Happy Halloween one and all xxxxxxx


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