Playworks scrapstore


Oh! I have died and gone to heaven! Look at that.. All that shiny, twinkly paper in that trolly. Cardboard tubes, ribbons, card, strange materials and offcuts…. The trolly is heaving with crafty goodness. And do you know how much it all came to? A whole trolly full???? A mere £5. Five pounds!!!!!!! This my friends is Nottinghams scrapstore, called playworks. For those of you in this area, it is just off of huntingdon street. Scrapstores are charity establishments where local businesses donate their offcuts, odments and surplus bits and pieces to be sold for a minimum amount to fund a venture. In this case, playworks do street play and work in schools, workshops with children and more and a large amount of their income is derived from people like me, grabbing crafty bits for bargain prices. There is a membership fee…. £5 for the year in my case as I went on behalf of my local voluntary run children’s art club that b and I stumbled across in our local library.


Rows of weird and wonderful stuff. It just goes to show that old saying, that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. B and her little friend z seemed to be quite captivated in there, but I was very pleased to have my dear friend with me to lend a hand. Scrapstores are all over the country in the UK. Look up yours!!!! Do any of our international friends have a similar venture? I’d be interested to know.


I had some thank you notes that I needed to post this week and I had just the job. I’d pressed some more Autumn leaves and thought I’d cut some love-hearts in them so that they could be stuck to a window. They look really sweet don’t they!


And after all that immense growing and taking over, look at the produce of squashes. Mmm, rather disappointing. I suppose it is our fault for not realising they are supposed to climb until probably too late. Well, just a quicky tonight…. I just wanted to urge you to look up your local scrapstore, as it was a really worthwhile venture for our little outing today! Goodnight xxxxxxx


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