Bonfire night and veggies


What a wonderful time of the year. I have totally refreshed my enthusiasm for Halloween and bonfire night by having such a beautiful daughter to share it with and such a happy little family unit. I feel totally and utterly blessed at how lucky I am at the moment. We had a super night on Friday. Here in England, the 5th of November is bonfire night. I really must refresh my memory about the gunpowder, treason and plot story of guy fawkes behind it all. Add that one to the to-do list! I have just the person to ask, luckily…. My dad! He is my historical encyclopedia! We’ve never really kept b up past her bedtime before, so our firework display night was very exciting! She’s normally tucked up in bed just after seven and well on her way to dreamland shortly after. Well…. We got back in at gone 9pm and the little monkey was so tired but still managed to ask for a hot chocolate as we carried her out of the car! Of course I obliged! She snuggled up with it and her favourite story and drifted soundly off to sleep. We’ve had some bedtime traumas just lately…. Lots of tears and not wanting mummy to leave. It’s been very upsetting. Thank goodness though, I think it’s over! We’ve had lots of different visitors staying just lately and I think it has been a reaction to that.


Here’s my happy little family! We are going to just do sparklers in the garden tomorrow night and then have a family bonfire to go to at a friends house next weekend. I love bonfire night!


There was the added bonus of a fire engine at the display! Little b was so happy about this! She even got to sit inside! I was worrying about the bangers frightening her, but I had no need to worry at all! She just enjoyed shouting ‘bang’ along side them!


More autumnal loveliness came her way by way of her first pomegranate experience! It certainly passed a nice half hour of time!


She enjoyed poking it very much. We got on much better in the end with a sweetcorn skewer instead of a cocktail stick though.


She soon learned what ‘bitter’ meant after biting the yellow pith!


It’s a wonderful time for home produce again….


Little b is a massive fan of her daddys sweetcorn, and today, m has brought in our first batch of carrots! I’m happy to say that they are of a lovely size too! They are roasting away at the minute for our Sunday roast with our homegrown beets and squashes.


Fantastic! What an array of colours, lovingly sewn by m and now waiting to be devoured in their honey and balsamic glaze! Yum! Xxxxxxxw


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