Firepits and cranberry cider


My little beauty had another late night treat tonight!  Daddy is very clever and had the bright idea of converting our old broken washer in the garage in to a fire pit, by using the stainless steel drum….


I can highly recommend it! It works a treat!  So we got some pine from our wood shed and set it on fire. It smelled delicious.


Daddy supervised sparklers….


And b was delighted.


We sat around the fire pit, cuddling our little lady and singing songs….


Then, m had a bright idea about cooking things in it!  My two lovelies tucked in to toast, bacon and chorizo all cooked inside our old washing machine! How funny! And how clever!!


It is the coldest night of the year here tonight, but we wouldn’t have known next to our washer!


And whilst b enjoyed a milky hot chocolate, we enjoyed hot, cranberry cider. Very easy to prepare on the stove, just half and half dry cider with cranberry juice. I added a clove or two and a dash of spices.

The whole house smells wonderful now from it, and feels wonderful too. There is excitement in the air and I just can’t wait for Christmas!

Ps,  hope you’re having a lovely time mum and dad x7


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