Poppy day and chocolate apples


Today is armistice day…. November the 11th. Known also as poppy day where we all wear our red poppies and remember those who lost their lives or were injured during service in the forces.  Our village has a beautifully maintained memorial stone, with a lovely little garden which is always pristine. Each year, there is a service at the stone and wreaths are laid for local people who we remember along with all those who died. Veterans present proceedings adorned with their medals and it is especially poignant as a little boy not much older than little b wears his daddys medals and presents a wreath with his mummy.   I’ve decided that whilst ever I am here, we will take little b to the service.  It was a really good turn out again (last year we went for the first time with b asleep in her sling.)


People lined the streets much more than can be seen on this picture.  Strange lights again appear on my photograph!! They’re quite effective aren’t they!

We went to a belated bonfire party last night. I decided to make some chocolate coated apples…


I sliced the apples as no one seems to finish a whole one. 


Melted the chocolate in a bowl over some boiling water….


Coated them and chopped some almonds up to sprinkle on. Then, thought…. ‘mm where on earth do I stand them to dry?’
I used wine bottles to pop them in to start with, but ended up using….


Jam jars. Popped them in the fridge and then took them along with some bonfire toffee I’d made. I wish I’d got a picture of little bs chocolatey face devouring one!!!!

Well…. A lovely recipe for you next time….
Until then xxxxxx


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