Yummy scrummyness!

Today’s been such a bright and lovely crisp day here on windyhill.  I’m just settling down to do a spot of knitting ready for the Christmas rush of homemade presents and thought it was about time I shared my delicious recipe that I mentioned last time.  What is it? Mmmmm…. The most amazing lemon cookies.  A massive hit in our house and gone nearly as quickly as they took to bake. 


This picture doesn’t nearly do their yummy goodness justice.  I found the recipe online and have converted the measurements to uk quantities. They were super duper easy to make, especially if you have a 20 month old hindrance helper at hand!


4oz butter
8oz sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 egg
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tbsp lemon juice- fresh
Pinch salt
Pinch bicarb
Pinch baking powder
5 oz plain flour
Icing sugar

Preheat oven to 180degrees c
Grease a baking tin

– cream the butter and sugar together until nice and fluffy
-add vanilla, lemon zest and juice. I really wanted mine extra lemony so I used two small lemons and used all their zest and juice
-stir in all dry ingredients except the icing sugar
-it should make a nice dough, not too wet and sticky. Mine was too wet because I added extra lemon juice- if this happens, keep adding small quantities of flour until it is no longer sticky.
-sprinkle icing sugar on the counter
-roll in your hands the dough into golfball sized balls.
-roll the balls through the icing sugar until they are covered.
– place the balls on your greased tin away from each other. Do not pat down, just leave them as little balls.
-bake for 9-11 minutes. Mine took a little longer.
You will know when they are ready as they should take on a matte finish and loose their shine.
– cool in their tray for a few minutes before putting on a cooling tray.


Other things then….


I have a new friend in the garden and my goodness, he is cheeky!  The grey squirrels chased the red squirrels away here in England with the exception of parts of the north.  This grey squirrel seems to have a red tinge to his tail and head though so maybe he is a mixed breed?  He is a cheeky little monkey though and amuses b and I.


I’ve zoomed in here so the quality is poor, but the little monster is nibbling away on a cracker I threw to the birds!


I absolutely love these Chinese lantern plants here. They are known as ‘honesty’ and dry really well. I caught site of them tangled in the thorns in the garden and battled with them to cut a sprig.


Little b is still doing wonderfully with her wees in the toilet and has a new and burning desire to draw…. All. The. Time!!!!  I even have to keep her a drawing book by the loo now!

Well….. Enjoy those lemon cookies won’t you! I must start rattling those knitting needles together now.
See you soon xxxxxxx


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