Felt and festive


Ta-dah!!!! Look at this felty marvel!!! I have made this for my little friend to play with from December the 1st. All the little decorations have Velcro on the back of them so my little b can decorate and re-decorate it til her heart’s content.


It is slightly taller than her and is glued on to card. I just have to add on a little hoop to hang it with and away we go.


Look at this fabric!!!! I could eat it, it’s so delicious. All those gorgeous Christmasy elf houses. Oh, goody gumdrops, I have a wonderful idea for it, but it will save until later in December.


And my, my, I’ve had gluey fingers this week! I’ve made this for beebop to play with. I’ve got to add the backing fabric yet and figure out how to make it fold up and be portable…


Emergency services….


Houses at the bottom of our hill….


The top of our hill…. Our house, aunty s and her farm, the windmill…. It is better than ours as ours has no sails!


And rufford park, where we visit quite often! I’m doing several of these type of things this year…. Crikey! I’m going to get through some glue aren’t I! See you soon!! Xxxxxxx


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