Granddad nee-nah


This cheeky fellow is policeman nee-nah and he is a god send!!!! Made from a toilet roll and a yoghurt pot, he sleeps in a tissue box and keeps watch on b whilst she eats her dinner.  B loves police characters at the moment, fuelled by policemen catching baddies in her books. She loves Julia Donaldsons what the ladybird heard and the baddies ‘lanky Len and hefty Hughe’ and is quite fond of pc plod in Enid Blytons ‘noddy’.  When she found out her granddad was a policeman she was thrilled and loves wearing his old hat from the 1960’s. Quite a relic!
Anyhow, policemen are now collectively known in bs world as ‘granddad nee-nahs’…. Very amusing, and her own toilet roll version corrects her table manners and helps her eat her dinner and by George….. It works a treat!  She’s very keen to please him! Long may it continue!


Well yesterday, Gale force winds hit the country and battered every inch of it. Today….. Who would’ve known what howling weather we endured overnight! Beautiful sunshine. We made the most of it and enjoyed our local park this morning. Poor little mite is suffering yet again with her canines coming through. Only two left though…. We’re almost there! She was crying out in her sleep last night for mummy so we went in and doctored our sleeping beauty. She was scorching hot bless her…. I’m glad we went in.  So when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast this morning, everything I offered was met with a resounding ‘no!’ oh dear…. Time to pull something out of the bag smartish! So with the help me my faithful friend Jamie oliver…. I made her these….


Yum! A special treat….


American style pancakes drizzled with natural yoghurt and honey.  Did it work???
But I certainly enjoyed them.  If you want to know how to make them, here’s how….

Put 125g of self raising flour in a mixing bowl.
Add one egg
Add 220ml of milk
Add a pinch of salt.
Jaimie recommends grating a pear, but we’ve eaten all those so I grated a small apple.

Mix up until smooth.
Put a knob of butter in your pan, allow to melt
Add a table spoon of mixture and let it go golden before you flip it over.


I use this amazing implement for measuring everything except liquids. It’s so handy and useful. I never use kitchen scales.  Look inside….


You find the ingredient you need to measure on the side and then just fill it up to the line you need. It even has American cup sizes in.


Now time for another fabric tease…. Isn’t this amazing. And also, this has arrived….


You will have to be patient to see what it will become!

See you soon xxxxxxxw


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