Polar Express day


For the last few weeks, my sewing machine has been going like billyo.  So many presents to make, so many Christmas things for the house…. I do find myself asking why am I doing this?  I was very much looking forward to m getting back from working as I had our polar express film afternoon all planned and ready. I absolutely love this film and was really, really hoping I could get little bs attention with it.  I wanted to create a really special afternoon that we can do as a tradition each year.


I made my little lady a candlelit bath…


It looked lovely.


And made her bedroom all twinkly too….


She loved it!


And whilst her daddy held the fort for a moment, I set the scene downstairs too.


Putting candles everywhere…


Even by my now residential sewing machine.


Closed the curtains….


Something I’ve only just started to do….


And got things ready.  My little lady enjoys a weak hot chocolate from time to time, but she’s never had marshmellows before. Yum.


She snuggled up with her daddy in her new, pink dressing gown and gobbled one or two up!


Whilst I made one of her favourites…. Corn on the cob.


All was going well until a little grizzly alien in our DVD player, decide that it didn’t like the disc! Oh noooo!


But m being the clever thing he is, rearranged the living room, took a picture down off of the wall and set up a projector to play it from the laptop.


Oh my goodness. It was like being at the cinema. I have never appreciated that film as much. At times I felt like I was on the train!


And little b, bless her pure, little heart, sat through the whole thing. She loved it!

And my heart sang another grateful little song for my happy little family and home xxxxxxx


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