Father Christmas


Ha ha…. My little friend is learning the art of smiling on command, and this is the result! Bless her. We had a lovely surprise parcel the other morning. B’s grandma had packed up a lovely Christmas parcel and posted it to b. Inside was this lovely Christmas jumper….


This sweet little jumper dress and a lovely Christmas book. Thank you grandma xxx


Today, we were back at one of our favourite places again…. Rufford abbey. This time for a very special visit….


It seems that visiting father Christmas in the pouring rain was quite a good idea. We were the first in the grotto!


Little b was fine with Santa, she wasn’t scared of him at all. I think all the books we have been reading have helped.  She immediately started requesting her aeroplane that she really wants.


He was a lovely, kind and talkative father Christmas with twinkly eyes. B was enticed immediately by a book he held.


And he gave her a lovely little toy giraffe which she hasn’t put down since.


Aroo has been creating more magic. Here he is swinging from some Christmas lights he put up in little bs bedroom….


She loved it.  She is going to be very sad when he flies back to the north pole. I’m not looking forward to it. It’s kind of evolved that he is a Christmas tree elf and will disappear when the tree comes down.


We’ve been busy making things over advent, paper garlands….


Twinkly stars. Little b is breaking all our hearts at the moment with her beautifully sweet version of twinkle twinkle little star. Xxx


Angels and many, many pictures.


She is still enjoying granddads police helmet and loot at the beautiful Christmas outfit that her grandma and poppop bought her for special Christmas times…


Poor little mite is unwell tonight. She’s just been snuggling up with me out of bed for an hour after being sick.  Let’s hope it will pass as quickly as it arrived.

Merry Christmas to you all xxxxx


2 thoughts on “Father Christmas

  1. Dawn MCGrath says:

    Belle is getting to be a big girl,I am starting to feel real old,my grandaughter Katie and her husband Kenny,just became parents of Emma Grace,do you realize what that makes me???and I am the family baby,the youngest sister.It is very cold here today,might even get a white Christmas,hope Belle,s first Christmas is a wonderful one .And a happy new year to all.Dawn.

    • windyhilldays says:

      How lovely to hear from you aunty dawn xxxx. So you are a great grandma! Crikey me, many congratulations. How are you? I hope you are all better. Sending you lots and lots of love and Christmas wishes to everyone over there xxxxx

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