Get well soon

Crikey, what a sickly Christmas! After all that build up and effort, it’s been like a hospital wing up on windyhill. Little b has been dropping to sleep all over the place…


Here she is in tinkys dog bed at grannys house…


And here, my poor little sweet pea is red hot and exhausted under her grandmas tree. For the past two days, we have had pyjama days, only coming out of them to play with Glow in the dark rubber ducks in the bath!


A great little stocking filler.


She’s had so many presents and so many are still unwrapped under the tree for when she is feeling better. We took her to the emergency doctor early on boxing day morning. 3 days of fever and coughing brought on a nosebleed, poor little mite. We’ve been given the all clear though and just have to continue to love her through this nasty bug.


On Christmas eve we left father Christmas a wee dram of whiskey and a mince pie….


The reindeer had carrots and magic reindeer food. (I just mixed porridge oats with glitter) and we sat in front of the fire for a picnic.


Little b was more interested in her daddys head torch though…


And dressed herself in her jingly hat and mummys shoes for the occasion…..


After admiring herself in the mirror!


That night, something special happened…. Aroo was attached with magic thread to the ceiling light and ….


Appeared to be flying when b came down in the morning. She was very impressed with this!

I really hope I get my happy, sweet little friend back to normal soon. It’s especially difficult as now I’m on penicillin for a throat infection and all I want to do is curl up in bed. I love being a full time mummy for so many reasons, but as my fellow ftm bestie correctly said…. There’s no days off, no putting them in nursery so you can go back to bed. And there’s not.

If only I had a clone….


One thought on “Get well soon

  1. Mumala says:

    Love your red shoes! Bella has found out then about dressing up in mummies shoes ! Even Tinkies bed looks a nice place to doss down in. Hope you both feel a bit better tomorrow. Just had a bath and dinner and some white wine! Feeling better already. Love you all. MUMALA. Xxxxxxx

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