Back on track

Hello there world…. I’m happy to say that energy levels and general vitality seems to be on the up, here on windyhill.


We’ve had some lovely bright days just recently. This is my parents winter flowering viburnum…

It’s absolutely beautiful and smells wonderful…


Each little, perfect flower glows bright pink and looks wonderful against its leafless branches.


Today has been a beautiful, crisp, frosty morning. Bitterly cold but worth wrapping up for and exploring. Little b and I pottered down to our village post office….


I wrapped the little mite up within an inch of her life…. How I wish I had one of those cosy, warm snow suits!!

And off we set over the iron set earth, over the farmers field to buy some envelopes.


We stopped off to see our friendly horses at the bottom of our garden…. That’s our house at the top left you can see….


I love the bright blue sky with the wispy cobwebs that streak through it….


A new horse has arrived and little b wanted to meet him…


And over in the distance, the wintry scene of sheep grazing on frozen land was a beautiful one.


The moss glowed a curious colour, frosted with ice…


And our shadows amused us on the frosted field.


We’ve had a roaring fire everyday, and little b likes to tell tinky to sit with her….

And tinky loves the attention. What a lovely, picturesque day to breathe some crisp air into our bodies and oxygenate our blood with what felt like such purity. How I absolutely adore the warm little hands that hang on to mine so tightly as we walk along. I look down at my little friend as we walk and feel like I’ve grown an extra part of my own body…. I listen with as much interest as an avid reader who has just picked up a new book to her excited exclamations and mini sentences. I just couldn’t imagine life without my little bumble bee now. Xxxxxxxw


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