I love plants and I love crochet…

Well, it’s absolutely true!  I love, love, love plants and I love, love, love to crochet, so this little project is delighting my cockles!

I’ve made another one!


I think I love crochet because I love colour. I love seeing things grow and I love the cosy comfort of wool. I am also a big believer in the effects of colour on your mood and emotions. I practise reiki and completed reiki level 1 and there is such a significant correlation of specific colours with our chakras. Perhaps this is why I love to be surrounded by rainbows… I’m inadvertently keeping my chakras balanced by seeing all the colours around me.

I’ve got a little bit swept away with my pretty plant pot covers. 


And I absolutely love this calming green one with it’s pretty little crocheted star.


And I love the little pearl in the middle.


And I absolutely love the daffodils inside…. They are growing so fast!! They will soon be blooming and I can’t wait.  My orchid has also new buds ready to pop and I can’t wait to see those beautiful purple flowers once again.


It’s not snowed since yesterday, but is very, very cold. It’s been nice and bright though and the snow looks wonderful against blue skies.


I can see the church once again…. It was missing yesterday for most of the day.

The little star on my cover was made following a pattern on a blog that I love to follow called attic24.  there’s lots of lovely patterns on there…

Right…. I still have Christmas presents to finish! Yikes!

Lots of love xxxxxxx


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