Fairy toadstools

I absolutely love red toadstools, I love the magic of them and the way they adorn beautiful illustrations in childrens books.  I had the bright idea of making a toadstool inspired plant pot cover….


Ah. Isn’t it sweet!  I made the circles by simply chaining 4, slip stitching into a ring and then I made about 12 UK treble crochets USA double crochets into the middle, then I joined them with a slip stitch.  That’s a really easy way to make little circles, I then sewed them on top.


Here are the merry little medley of plants so far, my spindly basil being the latest victim.  But look……


They’re out! Honestly, every time I look at these plants they have changed. Maybe because they are toasty near my fire!


I know someone else who is as well…. Sometimes I think that tink hasn’t moved from this spot for days! 


It’s still bitterly cold here.  It was minus 7 the other night. That’s cold for here.  Today, the whole of the UK has been blanketed in snow. Airports and railways are closed and roads are terrible.  We really are pretty dreadful in our country at coping with the snow!


These pictures are taken from my wonderful friends front door. She lives on the edge of Sherwood forest, it’s a lovely view isn’t it….


And fantastic for her young boys to play in.  as I drove down this road to her house the other morning, I was absolutely swept away with the beauty of the place. The snow covered firs were glistening in the sunshine and it reminded me of skiing in Bulgaria a few years ago.  It also reminded me how incredibly lucky I am in my happy life. I love beautiful moments like that.


May you have a beautiful moment today as well.



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