My little friend is 2 tomorrow. My gorgeous, happy little wonder. My days have been brightened and shown a deeper meaning for two years now, and in many, many ways, they have been the most joyous two years I’ve known.


We are in awe of her at the moment. Her personality is shining through now, more than ever.  She is clever and comical.


And loves her daddy, and his tools!!


We took her to a country show last weekend…


We enjoyed the falconry the most…


And saw a Smokey barn owl!  This little fellow was very sweet…


The setting of Thorsbey hall was lovely and we enjoyed the sheep dog display, which you can just see in the background.


There was some dog racing too. Crikey me! They are like lightening!


And we enjoyed a nice little picnic with my yummy homemade strawberry cookies.  I mixed in some strawberry yoghurt and surprisingly, it worked!


This evening, I have been making the house look special for little b for tomorrow.  Our 70s features, which I generally dislike immensely come in handy sometimes!


I made some ‘happy birthday’ bunting last year and a separate string with little b.s name on, and some with my partner in crimes name on too. I’ve enjoyed stringing it up tonight.


Whenever there is a birthday on windyhill, I scour the garden for a seasonal posie to pop in a vase at their seat at the breakfast table. Last year, little b had mini dafs but this year, there are none flowering in the garden yet. All I could find were the most beautiful little snow drops. So these beautiful little, dainty flowers will greet my little beauty in the morning….
imageHow lovely.
Well, off to wrap some presents now and generally make things look nice.
Goodnight, world.
Lots of love xxxxx


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