Catch up


It’s been a beautiful day today. Now the easterly winds have left us, we are back to our usual milder but contrary climate.


We’ve had a blanket picnic in the garden today and my Forsythea is finally blooming its sunny rays upon our hedgerow.


Poor tinky.
She’s not allowed in b’s garden and little b obviously felt sorry for her.  I caught the pair of them in cahoots smuggling bread sticks through the fence!


We popped in to see granny and granddad this morning and had a lovely sunshiney swing in their garden.


And this afternoon, we took a cottage pie to aunty s next door as She’s had her hip done so after guarding her legs from a rather bonkers 2 year old, I took little b to one of my favourite spots in our village…. The graveyard at the top of the hill.  It was so picturesque with beautiful primroses scattered throughout the grass like a wonderful blanket of petals.

Everywhere you look….


A sea of colour and a hive of activity for the bumblebees.


I feel quite inspired to make tinkys garden like this, scattering spring bulbs throughout it.


We’ve walked to the paddocks at the bottom of our garden….


Fed our friendly neighbourhood ponies some carrots….


This little Shetland is my favourite. Her name is Goldie.


We’ve collected frogspawm out of our natural pond to observe…. It’s teaming with it in there!


Little b was impressed to start with, but it soon wore off as we are still waiting for their metamorphosis to begin.


Come on tadpoles! Sprout your little limbs for us!


And we had a lovely, lazy morning in the garden in our Jim jams looking at ladybirds


It’s been magnificent and spinetinglingly refreshing and recharging to be out and about in some sunshine.
Just a quick catchup this time…. Last night I was drowning under a sea of pansies but I have finally potted on my 2,000 plants! All will be revealed soon, and something extra, extra special is happening next week. I am so excited I could pop and I can’t wait to show you.

Catch up 2 coming soon with a couple of little handy tips I’ve found.

Lots of love and sunshiney vibes

Xxxxxxxx Eve xxxxxxxx


2 thoughts on “Catch up

    • windyhilldays says:

      Ooooh mumala!!!! That would be telling, and I don’t want to spoil surprises for my world wide wide friends, but put it this way…. We were talking about it in your kitchen today! X7

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