Catch up 2

So much has been happening that I have so much to put to require a sequel!
I’m so sorry…. I will try to write at my usual frequency again.


My two little ladies have become such good friends and it is so sweet to see. On a Wednesday, we like to spend the whole day at home. Of course, this happens more than just a Wednesday, but Wednesdays are struck off generally and nothing is booked on them. It is my cleaning up day (or hour really) we have a special breakfast rather than the usual porridge or Wheatabix and my little pal gets to indulge in some tv whilst I sort the downstairs out and then we spend the rest of the day playing.


Baking… This time it was banana bread as little b has developed a repulsion of brown bananas.


And gardening.


Here she is, potting on my strawberry plants. She did a lovely job.


Filling the pots up and then….


Tucking their legs  under their soily duvets.


And doing a grand job of watering.

Our Wednesdays are sacred. I have never felt inclined to over stimulate my little friend by running around the planet, here and there constantly to various baby and toddler activities. We do certain things now that she is of the age to learn about sharing and socialising but I have always felt that she should have time to relax in her own environments and explore everything at her own pace rather than rushing here and there.

Anyhow…. Back to the point….

Last Wednesday was not sacred. Nooo! It was awful!  You see, that awful thing called an oven was well beyond in need of a clean. It has been terrorising me for a while now. Catching my eye and threatening me with Smokey plumes when I cook. Oh dear. It had to be done.

Now…. Explicit content warning time!!!!!!

The next picture I am utterly ashamed of but took it for the sake of this post…..



Quick! Balance it out with something nice and your eyes will feel better….


Flowers. Lovely….

I’m sorry but there we are, it was dreadful.  Now you know my take on cleaning products so I have been dreading this.


I made a vinegar, bicarb and soap solution up and gave it so much elbow grease that my elbows are positively running on empty now. Unfortunately, it was fruitless. The oven was laughing a very dirty laugh in the face of my cleaner. It absolutely pains me to say that I waited til little b went to bed and reached for the oven spray.

What a horrible job. Awful. Urgh.
But it was done and….


Gleaming again.


Hurray! Must not leave it so long next time!

Now, I also set to work around our log burner and here are the tips….


I found the easiest way of cleaning the glass…. Can you read what it says?


I used nail varnish remover! Now, I wiped it all off after and you want to avoid lighting a fire immediately after you do this but I was cleaning mine up for it’s seasonal closure.


It whipped through the grime in no time.

Now…. Tip 2….


Baby oil!

Not only did it bring little bs blackboard back to life….


But also….


My slate tiles around the fireplace are gleaming and gave all their colour back.

It also made my oven shine again and was great at getting splodges off of the stove.

So there we have it…. Today is Wednesday and b and I are still snuggled up in my bed, her watching fireman Sam and me writing this at 8.30am. No grubby, horrible jobs planned for today, just the usual cleaning and pottering and a little prep work for operation exciting times next week.  I leave you with a picture of little b pretending to be in jail behind the fire guard whilst I was cleaning it.

Love and restful thoughts sent to you all

Xxxx Eve xxxx



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