Fragrant preservings!


A little tip for you today my friends.
This rocket on the picture is a week old!
Look how fresh and crisp it is still.
I tried a little tip I read on the fountain of all knowledge, Pinterest.


Get a clean jam jar (I’ve got plenty of those as I can’t seem to throw them away) and pop your salad leaves it. Pop in a few grains of rice at the bottom for good measure and screw the lid on.
Hey presto! No more soggy leaves!

Some pretties from my garden for you then….


Remember earlier this year when my dad gave me lots of roses? They have bloomed gorgeously and make me smile and my heart sing when I look at them.


And the smell! I feel like I can inhale it from my toes and it fills my whole body with heavenly scent.  It is the loveliest smell.


I’m very grateful to have a nose that works to enjoy these moments and eyes that can appreciate such beauty.


These are my new obsession. Aqualegia. M planted them last year but they didn’t bloom. In fact, I’m ashamed to say that I think I pulled some up thinking they were weeds.


And these have a wonderful scent also.

I’m still in love with lupins. They’ve thickened and doubled and offer our bees plenty of nourishment.
I’ve got 40 seedlings of them in the greenhouse to dot around for next year. I have discovered something about lupins… You know the natural soap shop ‘lush’ and the distinctive smell when you walk in…. I think I have identified it! When you take a good lung full in from the lupins, it is that very same smell!

My elderflower trees are heaving this year and I wish this picture came with fragrance. The garden is filled with the heady smell of them.

They are also doing a great job of hiding the unfinished shed that is being positioned beneath them.

Now this may not look so impressive but it is something to be happy about. My dad uprooted his peoris and cut it all down to a mere stump. A far cry from it’s previous six foot glory. It was planted at my house and looked like it had not survived it’s ordeal. But look! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes ( quite literally as I threw a load of fire ash in the soil around it) it has come back! And looks very promising indeed.

And lastly, my sweet little stocks that I have dotted around. Yummy smelling and so pretty.
Well, that is all for now…. We are off to playgroup.

Enjoy your crisp lettuce leaves and enjoy your day!

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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