Birthday bugs


There’s a birthday in our house this week…. And a bug…. Bleurgh!

Oh, I had so many nice plans to make m’s birthday special this year… He’s had such an important year and I really wanted to celebrate his new ventures and bravery but a bug struck me down …. You beastly bug!!!!!!!
Poor m’s birthday was barely mentioned yesterday, but we made up for it today instead. This year, his birthday is a day later.
Little b and I snipped some flowers from the garden for his birthday bouquet and we managed a much better selection than last year. 


Enough for two little posie vases. Little b still does the two handed snip with the scissors, bless her….


And we made him a lemon drizzle cake with jelly tots on top at little bs request…. Her memory is good…. She remembered I had one for my birthday.  This was second choice though, she did want an icelolly cake, I really wasn’t sure how to go about one of those!


We put the birthday bunting up for him….


Added some balloons and started to get the garden ready as we are having a little garden party at the weekend.


Any excuse to make more hanging danglies!

I sewed these little butterflies together on the machine this afternoon and let them settle in the garden to flutter away.


And pinned up 40 feet of bunting too! Aaaaaaaaaa, you just can’t beat a bit of bunting!


My little friend played in my kitchen sink for nearly an hour whilst I cleaned up and got tea ready….


Look at those little tippy toes! Sweet and gorgeous little girl. Xx


My new door mat says it all…. I’m so grateful for my home, everyone that’s in it and how sweet our lives are….. Despite bugs!!! Bleurgh!!!


Health and happiness to you all xxxxxxxxxx


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