Goodnight caterpillars


We’ve had caterpillars everywhere this year. Absolutely, everywhere!  Little b has enjoyed them squirming around on her, and the chickens have had a constant supply of protein treats to help themselves to!


I believe that these will be next years tortoiseshell butterflies.  And I’ve been absolutely inundated with them munching their way through my nasturtiums. 

Today though was different……


They have found strange places to relocate and have entered a comatosed state….  And I have watched the most fascinating process before my very own eyes.

Look at this….


Can you see all that fury yellow stuff?  I thought this one was just resting on some fluff….


Not so! It is actually coming out of his or hers tiny body….


And this one, hanging on upside down to a candle lantern I have in the garden….


More yellow fluffy stuff! It’s mesmerizing. 

This one had made its early, soft, green cacoon today!


I could see it inside of it as it is still quite transparent.


And this one…. Well, quite conveniently, she has settled down to her Zen state right at b’s level by the back door on the wall so that we can watch her metamorphosis daily.

So, September the first will always be caterpillar day from now on!  Goodnight little caterpillars…. Sleep tight xxxxxxxxxxxx


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