Tomatoes for breakfast

Good morning world…. And it’s another splendid one. We have been blessed this year in the UK. It seems as though we are having an endless summer.  The high pressure that kept us frosted until April has shone in our favour and we’ve had the best summer since 2006.


The evenings project the most beautiful colours into the sky and reassure us that the following day will be just as beautiful.  Whilst it is not as hot, the sun smiles gently and calmly on us now and it’s wonderful.

I just wanted to share with you my recent culinary obsession. It’s so yummy and keeps my tummy rumble free until lunch.


Roasted Italian tomatoes and mushrooms on toast.

It’s really quick to do and is delicious.


Slice your tomatoes thinly and lay out on a baking tray. I slice mushrooms too, but mushroom haters can omit this part.

Cover liberally with olive oil, sea salt and mixed herbs.

Pop in the oven on high for about 5-10 minutes and toast some seeded bread lightly whilst it’s cooking.  I cover our bread in real butter, not spread…. Little square, foil wrapped packs of butter.

And enjoy!

Even little b seems to like this yummy treat.


Here’s a picture of a beautiful peacock on my Echinacea to finish.  This year, the plant is twice the size of last year and is heaving with pollinators every time I look at it.


Have a yummy and wonderful day, wherever you are xxxxxxxxx


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