Seeing spots

Good evening, lovely world.

Crumbs! Life has got busy. For two years I have lived peacefully in a bubble I suppose. Nurtured by our windy house and my lovely family, not having to contemplate anything really, other than loving and teaching my wonderful little friend and providing a welcoming and loving home for us all.
But poor m was wilting like a flower with no water before my eyes. Something had to be done and he needed to set out in the world on his own and so, I have been thrown from a great hight into the unfamiliar world of business.
It’s a long time since I’ve held a crochet hook…. But that’s ok…. The winter nights will provide time to do that.  Instead, I have had to learn about accounts…. Yuck…. Tax…. Double yuck…. Marketing…. Personal assistant duties…. Mmm…. Testing at times and wait for it…. Waste disposal. Yes…. I seem to be doing a tour of our counties tips!  All this for a humble music teacher!
I’ve had to empty a bedroom to make an office. No longer can my utility room manage the comings and goings of a muddy man, Hairy dog, curious 2 year old, all the washing and all the folders.
The problem is, folders…. Urgh! Aren’t they ugly!


It just won’t do!

So, I had an idea…. I had some fabric tucked away… My absolute favourite… Polkadots.


And some spray mount. The fabric is polycotton and I decided I’d give it a go.


And it worked! Now isn’t that better!


But there’s more…. A little surprise in the fabric stash…


The hungry caterpillar’s dinner!!!!

So, I have a lot more to do, but I feel better already! The accounts don’t have to be so dull after all!



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