Planty times


It’s been a very planty kind of couple of weeks. I’ve bought some rooting powder this year and have been experimenting with cuttings. Initially, for hedging and filling big empty corners, but now it’s all got a bit experimental!

The picture above are honey suckle cuttings…. I have the most gorgeous but Ill- placed, mature bush of it which I’m hoping is going to be the mothership to dozens and dozens of babies! Apparently they are very easy to get to root, so watch this space. I’ve dotted them everywhere and hope for a garden so full of fragrance in the summers to come, that I will be able to smell it from the next village!


Then I researched clematis and it seems that rooting it can be achieved relatively easily too. I’ve a couple of varieties so I gathered some lovely young shoots and….


Trimmed them down. Starting at the bottom, snipping about an inch under each section of leaves….


And snipping directly above the leaves. You then remove one leaf and that’s it!


I kept all my cuttings thirst free whilst re-homing them and then dipped them in a little rooting powder….


And here they are, all snuggled up in their temporary home whilst they hopefully sprout some roots.
Now, a revelation I found a little too late for my initial crop of withered pyracantha cuttings was this…. Cuttings have no roots, so if you simply water the soil, they can’t suck it up! You need to mist them… I just use a spray bottle on the finest setting and you need to do it often. Apparently, this way they can absorb some water through their remaining leafage. They look much better for a spot of misting, I have to say.



I’ve cut my first bumper crop of rhubarb for the season and it’s ear-marked to go with last years to be turned into wine. Yes! It is freezable and here is how to do it…


Chop it and freeze it! Simple!

Because I want mine in a big amount, I just bag it all together but you could lay it out on a chopping board as above and freeze the pieces separately then bag it up after if you need to take out
just a small amount. I need to get on with the brewing process though as it’s taking over my freezer!


Other things then…. Here is my little friend in her new life jacket at her grandparents house. They have bought a lovely lock keepers cottage, so it’s pretty essential!

It’s a big renovation project but is already looking wonderful. Grandma and pop pop were heading out on their narrow boat for a couple of nights , so….


Off she went with pop pop to navigate the journey across the marina to the lock where we lifted her back out!


Here she is with grandma at the end of her very long voyage looking rather proud. The boat is called Annie-King, named after pop pops great Aunt. It’s a lovely name isn’t it.


And here, back at her daddy’s yard, the pair of them were equally intrigued and excited about various grubs they were finding in tree trunks!


Especially this little mini-beast millipede.


In the meantime, we are pottering around at home as usual, and enjoying the simple things.

Well, love to all xxxxxx goodnight xxxxx


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