Letting go

My little friend starts pre-school in her nursery department of the school in September. Well… Talk about mixed feelings. Yes, the time to myself ( 3 hours at a time) will be nice but I am quite reluctant to cut the strings and send her into the care of someone else.
How can time have gone by so quickly? Sometimes time labours so slowly but in this instance, time has stolen these precious years too soon.

Yes, I know I must, I know it is best for her and that she will enjoy her journey through education… I don’t think it is that I am going to miss her tremendously (although, of course I will) but I think it’s giving control to someone else that irks me. Every input into that beautiful child has come from her family so far, and now it is time to let her be influenced by others, big and very small.

I’m sure I will get used to it, and it is only afternoons to start with but it’s taking a little getting used to!




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