Kindness and coldness

Ooooooooh it’s gone fair chilly this week here on windy hill, and indeed across Britain. Apparently we are in the beginnings of a visitation from the ‘Beast from the East!’ Sounds quite bad doesn’t it!

Whenever the cold weather comes from the East, we know about it. And as my Octogenarian oracle over the meadow says…

” when the snow comes from the pit chimney, it settles and stays”.

The pit’s not there anymore… all the local coal mines shut years ago and have since been re-landscaped. She waved over the direction of a north easterly aspect though and I imagine that is where our easterly beast will crawl over from.

There’s snow forecast…

Panic stations!!!!

If only our country had the vaguest idea of how silly we act with a sprinkling of snow.

As I mentioned, we were in Finland a few weeks ago…

Now, this is what you call snow!! Look at those trees! Cocooned like people shaped baked Alaska’s.

And roads that generally look like this for half a year, (more or less).

On the buses we went on to various visits, there wasn’t one special snow tyre or snow chain… just blinking good drivers that have grown up knowing how to drive in all conditions. Most impressive.

I fell in love with Finland.

It’s beauty and purity absolutely astounded me.

Even though the -20 to -30c conditions were very harsh… I thought I was going to lose a finger every time I took a glove (or 3) off to take a picture.

It was worth every frozen eyelash moment.

So you see, beasty … I’m ready for you!

I’ll be keeping my eye out over the long gone pit chimney for your arrival.

We’ve no snow yet… the beast has sent us an icy blast to forewarn us.

Granddads water fountain has frozen in a most impressive honey comb shape which little B enjoyed poking.

But that beast is just not scaring my rhubarb! She’s having none of this nonsense and keeps sprouting more every day! I remember my mother in law mentioning that an extension was put on top of a rhubarb plant. The persistent and resilient little rhubarb carried on growing anyway and popped out of the side of the building instead! Hardy little yummy plants.

B and I hunkered down yesterday evening whilst M was watching England getting beaten by Scotland in the Calcutta cup. It’s been many years since the Scots won so I’m sure there were some great celebrations up there last night.

We got our trusty hamma beads out and began creating.

We love using hamma beads but if you’ve never done it, it’s easy…

Make your design, and when it’s done…

Iron it with grease proof paper on top with no steam.

When it goes like this…

Peel it off! Hey presto!

Here’s little B busily creating her masterpiece.

A nice new coaster 😊

Now, the Title of this post says “coldness and kindness “.

We’ve spoken about the coldness so how about the kindness?

Do you remember the lovely customer lady I mentioned the other day who has been treating M like royalty? Making him beautiful lunches and sending home chocolate cakes for our little B.

I came home yesterday after a long day out with my little one to find these on my doorstep:

And they were addressed to me! I couldn’t believe it. What a lovely, kind and generous lady we have had the pleasure of working for this week. I hope that she is especially cosy and comfortable with the new wood burning stove that my clever partner in crime has fitted for her.

True kindness is worth more than the Crown Jewels ❤️


3 thoughts on “Kindness and coldness

  1. Pamela says:

    Gorgeous flowers from lovely lady. ” what goes around….comes around” as my mum used to say!
    Don’t forget, to spray them occasionally.

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