Turmeric and tummys

Every evening, around 9pm (or there abouts) after everyone has eaten, I get to sit down finally. On a weekday, I usually do two dinner sittings. M gets in late at this time of year so I’ll either have my tea with little B or with M, depending on how hungry I am.

Once the kitchen’s tidy and the dishwasher is on, I get brewing a nice, soothing turmeric latte on the stove… it’s become a bit of a ritual over the past year. I usually take a couple of magnesium tablets with it, ( which I’ll get to in another post ) and I settle down with M on my right and my little old lady, Tinky pink pants on my left.

Aaaaand relax!

You’ve probably read about the benefits of turmeric. I try to get as much of it as possible. We take a supplement of it in a morning… it goes in our food (if it suits) and I have a good couple of teaspoons in my latte at night.

The amazing ingredient in turmeric that your body loves, is curcumin. People call it an ‘anti-cancer’ spice as it switches on cancer fighting genes and slows down growth and spread of cancerous cells. I don’t like to be ‘anti’ anything in reference to our bodies… I prefer to call it a health promoting, cell rejuvenating spice that eliminates any unwanted cells. It’s a bit long winded, but there we go.

There’s a really interesting article on curcumin Here written by the most amazing chap. If you’ve never been on the Chris Beat Cancer website, I strongly urge you to. Read it and spread the news. This amazing man used the science behind health and nutrition to cure his aggressive cancer. This is a subject that’s very important to me… not for any personal reason as such, It’s just that over the last few years I have been questioning what we are lead to believe regarding cancer. I’ve done a great deal of research on the matter but am no expert. The current statistic of 1 in 2 people getting cancer is absolutely unacceptable. We are being bombarded from all angles in our lives… the food chain, pollutants, pharmaceuticals, chemicals in the household, our water and even in our sanitary products!

There’s a lot of money being made out of people’s illnesses and it’s wrong.

It’s so important to nourish our bodies in every possible way to maintain health and vitality. We must do this through our diets, our exercise routines, our avoidance of pollutants and chemicals, supplementing our diets with vitamins and minerals that we are lacking and importantly, keeping our minds calm, happy and positive.

This is a topic I will no doubt revisit in many way, shapes and forms, but for now, know this…

Every day, each and every one of us has pre- cancerous cells and our body removes them. That is it’s job. It’s done it so effectively and persistently since the day you were born. It will continue to do it, and you’ll never even know about it.

Cells get old and cells go bad. That’s life.

They go bad, and our healthy immune system gets its little dustbin lorry out and removes them, destroys them and eradicates all trace of them. I’m not talking about your immune system that fights coughs and colds. I’m talking about all the amazing immunity you have in your gut that goes out stringently inspecting your body for invaders and cells that are unacceptable and boots them out the door.

Those good guys go on patrol every second of the day and destroy bad cells. That’s what they do.

Keep your immune system healthy. Protect it. Love and nourish it in every single way you can and keep it absolutely ship shape.

When your little fighters get compromised, they can’t do their job. Cells don’t get removed. They mutate, get stronger and multiply. When our gut soldiers are strong, those old and bad cells don’t stand a chance.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has, then please, take some time to learn about how to boost your immune system and your gut health. Take a probiotic… acidophilus is a good one. Avoid gut microbiome destroyers. If you do this, and keep your gut garden healthy and vibrant, those weird little cells will continue to be history. You will also help every single system in your body.

For more of a scientific explanation of the link between your gut health and cancer, then please read this well-written article Here

I once read that cancer is like a warning light on the dashboard of your car. When you see a warning light, you fix the problem, you don’t smash up the dashboard.

Those lumps and growths that are cancerous are symptoms of an underlying problem. The lump is not the problem… look beneath it, above it, upside down and inside out it, and find the underlying issue. Don’t smash your dashboard. Get your car manual out and see what the warning light means.

Please have a read on the Chris Beat Cancer website and research, research, research this topic.

In the meantime…

If you want to make a turmeric latte and boost your good little fighters,it’s easy.

I’m vegan, so I use oat milk but you could use which ever type of milk you’d like. If you are going to use cows milk then please buy organic. Bovine growth hormone is one more man made, destructive chemical that will knock your gut and your endocrine system for six.

I use the hob on my stove and a small pan. I don’t own a microwave, I don’t like the way the waves change the composition of food.

Whilst your milk is warming just add a good old shake of turmeric. I add quite a lot so the milk goes a nice shade of primrose yellow.

I add a little maple syrup and voila! Yum! Golden deliciousness.

Tonight… I got radical!

I got the urge to add a heap of ground ginger.

Double yum!

Have a go. See what you think and let me know how you find it.



2 thoughts on “Turmeric and tummys

  1. Pamela says:

    We too take turmeric every day.
    If its accompanied by a small amount of fat ( there’s fat in most milks if you make a Latte) or as an alternative, I put a good heaped teaspoonful of spice into 1/4 pint of water and add a small amount of Virgin olive oil, about half a teaspoon. Also put in ground black pepper ( 1/4 teasp.) give it a whisk up with a fork and drink it down. The addition of the pepper enhances the action of the turmeric.

    (Interesting fact….when the Mary Rose Flagship that belonged to Henry V111 was raised from the ocean bed some years ago, they found great amounts of whole black pepper inside of it. We were told by the Museum folk where the boat was kept in Portsmouth that the Barber Surgeons on board used the black pepper in their work. So Black Pepper ( Pipper Negrum) has been known for years for its medicinal benefits too. You can check out the many benefits of black pepper on the internet quite easily.

    I totally agree that a lot of folk need to take time out to read the articles you mention . MOST important. Well done for bringing it to their attention.

    Look after yourselves.

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