Snow joy

Well, here it is… here is all the snow we were forecast. Hardly a beast at all, although I have no recollection of our central part of England reaching such low temperatures as it has this week.

It’s been a different type of snow to the usual we get. Not so wet and slushy. Kind of dry and fluffy. Our verdict was that it was hard to make a snowball with, but as it came down harder, it was fantastic for flopping in!

So, it was all extremely exciting yesterday…

We packed off our local children as usual to school and went about our day as usual. Around 10am, the snow started to fall… heavily, quickly and dryly. Coating our roads in the middle of the day with enough to cause chaos. Our oracle over the meadow was right! It came from the direction of the pit chimney and it stayed and settled.

It wasn’t long until we were contacted by our village school with the wonderful news that if we wanted to, we could collect our children.

How wonderful! I was so happy just imagining how excited little B would feel to leave school early with her first school snow day! How thrilled she’d be when the teacher would call her name out to say her mummy’s here!

And oh my goodness, she was! She was so surprised and wide eyed when she came out of her class and gave me the biggest hug.

This is our walk home from school. The blue sky was an intermission between bulging skies of heaving clouds. It was beautiful whilst it lasted, B even took her coat off.

After much exploring, the day was even more wonderful when she saw her daddy running down the meadow to meet us! No working on slippy roofs for M during this weather, far too treacherous.

So, off we trotted, stopping to snowball each other…

And enjoy the happy, happy joy of a snow day for all!

You know I should be well used to B being at school now but I love having her home with me so much. Don’t get me wrong, I get very little work done whilst she’s around and have a mountain to work through when she goes back but I don’t care. I love having her close and comfortable and cosy here in our happy home on windy hill.

As the day went on, the snow got heavier and the wind really whipped up. My poor little ladies were not impressed and stayed huddled in their nesting box all day. I’ve been up and down swapping frozen water hoppers over, battening down the hatches to try and keep the snow out of their coop and feeding our wild birds. ( I’ve got a flock of yellow hammers that I’m helping to sustain at the moment… I counted 17 yesterday). I think rainbow, my big fluffy chicken, surrogate mother of our hatched bantams, might still be a bit shaken… my chickens free range and they were out exploring the garden when the snow came down lightly the previous day. They took themselves off to bed but the next day when I went to let them out, poor rainbow had been out all night! She didn’t go to bed! I think she didn’t want to tread through the snow so hid instead. She looked pretty traumatised when I scooped her up the next morning. I put her close to the others (who were now hiding from the snow in the nesting box) to warm up whilst she recounted tales of her brave night out in the frozen fox zone.

So today, after much Lego playing by the fire, we finally got our ski wear on and went out with the sledge. Crikey, the wind was so strong and was creating really deep drifts as it travelled across our frozen landscape.

Such a happy day… big smiles from all participants.

And something tells me that this little skier might take quite naturally to snowboarding as well!

M made me laugh, bringing a ratchet strap out with him to pull b along a little easier!

When we got back home, we had fun exploring this humongous drift in our garden. It’s as tall as my crazy friend! We made a castle out of it and celebrated when we were told tomorrow will be another cosy day at home as the school pipes have frozen. We played until the light faded

And when it did…

It was reminiscent of blue hour in Finland.

A lovely lady in Finland told me how the Lappish people revere the dusky time of day just before it goes dark when absolutely everything looks blue. It is a special and magical moment there and is particular to the amount of snow they have. The sky turns from a pastel shade of apricot to a gradual blue and then the blueness grows and thickens until it is beautifully reflected everywhere.

Tonight, windy hill went blue.


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