Good times

It’s been a busy old time up here on windy hill since I last wrote…

We’ve had a very special little lady’s birthday!

Grandma made another lovely cake. This time, at sea themed cake for our fish obsessed little friend.

The sugar craft little B even has a replica Of her actual wet suit…

And a myriad of fish and shells adorning the idyllic land called…

And ooooooooh…. my little friend loved it!

She had a wonderful soft play gathering, which turned out to be no where near as loud and chaotic as is envisaged. 😊

Then came Mother’s Day…

And we headed for the hills.

This is curbar edge in Derbyshire and it’s absolutely stunning.

A favourite place of mine with the biggest views..,

And brooding skies.

And look at this…

The sweetest little coffee shop in the car park.

And the squashiest, softest eiderdown of moss.

The weather over the past couple of weeks has been more spring like since the beast was banished back to the east.

I even got to hang my first lot of washing out on the line. Always a nice and momentous occasion… aaaaah, the simple things.

It wasn’t to last though. This was a few days later! The poor chickens don’t know if they’re coming or going. I’m still waiting for some eggs.

And I’ve not known snowdrops out as late in the year as this for a long time.  The daffodils are still budding… everything is very sleepy this year.

Pop pop had a birthday and had to moor up for a few days due to the weather.

Still, it gave us chance to drive over and catch up with him for a birthday visit.

And we have new residents here on windy hill.

Little b has asked for a fish tank for years and we decided this year was to be our initiation into tropical fish.

Here is rob and bluebell…

A sucky cleaner fish (an Otto)

And some beautiful little neons.

My little friend loves them! We all do. It’s lovely to make a brew and sit in front of it and watch fish tv.


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