Today is the vernal equinox. One of my favourite landmarks of our natural calendar. The exact mid point between the winter and summer solstice where we have an equal amount of light and dark. 12 hours of each, perfectly balanced.

Things are running a little late this year due to the weather but I have seen a few little piglets and one batch of spring lambs.

It is usually a beautiful time of life, promise and fertility of both the land and animals. Buds popping and sprouting and our sleepy friends waking from a long winters sleep.

Ostara is an ancient pagan celebration that falls on the spring equinox each year.

Ancient Saxons had a yearly festival in honour of their fertility goddess Eostre. The original word that was later adopted and adapted by the church to form Easter as we know it today.

After all these years, the ancient symbols of fertility are still associated with this time of year… bunnies and eggs. Well, we all know the goings on of rabbits! A friend of mine ended up with 8 bunnies very rapidly after getting her bunny a ‘friend’!

The imagery of fertility pertains to hopes of the land being fruitful and on a personal note, humanities enduring wish for abundance in all areas of their lives.

So… yesterday, we set up our egg tree…

after making this years sequinned addition.

And we sprayed our front door with a mixture of water, a few drops of spearmint essential oil and some chalice well water and blessed all those that will walk over our threshold with love, health and happiness.

And then set some carrot tops to grow whilst we enjoyed a crunchy snack.

Our tomato seedlings are beginning to peep through and we asked them to grow us a bumper crop this year.

I think this sums up ostara beautifully. Something that anyone, from any religious background can appreciate.

And whilst we will also enjoy Easter activities over Easter weekend, exploring the vernal equinox this year reiterated a special understanding of our affinity with the earth and her changing rhythms of life.

After leaving our angel candle in the porchway to greet M with love after a long days work, I leave it to smile upon you also ❤️


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