The past year…

Oh my Goodness! I’ve done it again… I’ve let a whole year slip by without writing.

2018 felt like a good and positive year, despite having lost family members and dodging the slings and arrows that life generally throws at you… Most have been deflected well! And here we are again in the full throws of Spring.

Life has again twisted and turned upon windy hill… M is in the middle of extending our house…

and I am a student again!

B continues to make us laugh so much and expands our hearts daily… as well as our patience!

Life is good and kind on windy hill.

I thought it easier to catch up with a whistle stop round-up of the year.


Our beloved and long term friend Tinky gave up her body in April 2018 to move on to her next transition. It was heart breaking. Poor Tinky had had a tumour in her ear for several years but managed to soldier on until she was a month off of her 16th birthday.

By the end she was so thin and frail. She died at home shortly after I took this photograph. This was her last picture. After not eating for a couple of weeks and then not drinking at the end for a couple of days I knew after lots of research that it was time for Tink to move on. This particular morning was obvious it was going to be her last. Throughout all of Tinks demise, she never showed that she was in any pain and still was excited to see us when we came home from trips and visits. She also still like to cuddle every night on my knee, right up until the week before she died, where she wanted to be on her own in her bed.

I actually think that she would have just passed away herself very gently if I had left her for another hour or two but as it was the Easter holidays and I had little B with me, I didn’t want any nasty endings surprising us so I asked The vet to come and see us to help Tink move on.

Little B was a star. I was in floods of tears and she was stoic. She was comforting me and talking to the vet on my behalf! Once the vet left we laid Tinky out on an incontinence blanket on the rug by the fire where she used to like to lie. We lit candles and put flowers around her and covered her with a blanket. We stroked her and her skin was still warm. We left Her there undisturbed till her soul seem to have moved on. She lay there for several hours and then the next morning we drove her to a private crematorium where they were so kind and caring. We left her in good hands to cast her outer shell aside. She was cremated on her own in her bed with her blanket over her. The gentleman that cared for her sat with her through the whole process and messaged me when it began and when it was over. When I went to pick up her ashes he had never seen such a fine, talcum powder like consistency… Her bones had been leached with osteoporosis to the point where there was not much left.

Tink had been with me for my entire adult life. She had seen marriage, divorce, birth of nieces and nephews, house moves, first jobs, new relationships blossoming, the birth of my daughter, you name it! She’d seen it…

She had been my soul companion throughout those tough years that every young adult goes through where they are trying to find their way in the world.

A few days to a couple of weeks after she passed away, I swear she visited. I could feel her presence and if I shut my eyes I could see her jumping all over me with the body she used to have in the excited puppy like away she was for so many years.

And now, after a year of having no pets… We have rescued a cat! And I tell you this… I have Been researching animal reincarnation as it’s quite startling how many similarities there are between the two animals. I’ll write more about that later.

Moving on!

Here is M with his little helper! Here they are digging the foundations for the extension. The extension is really pretty big… Pretty much the size of a small house going up on the side of ours. It has been a mammoth task and has taken most of Ms time over the past year. Needless to say, it has been quite taxing on us all so far! Especially M who is working his socks off and tiring himself out.

It is going to be superb in the end and will allow me to set up my new career from home which I will explain in more detail later!

We continue to make our daily walks (in fine weather) to school through the glorious fields around us. This particular field was threatened with having 100 houses built on it. The farmer hadn’t ploughed or done much to it as almost everybody in the village had resigned themselves to the imminent approval of the building work beginning.

Something inside me told me it was never going to happen… I was right! At the last moment the highways agency put a stop to the plans as the roads around the area were deemed as unable to handle the extra volume of traffic. And do you know what? This field seem to celebrate and sprung up with poppies as far as the eye could see that lasted weeks. When one crop died out, others bloomed it was quite fantastic.

In June, I decided to gather my close friends and we had I wonderful summer solstice celebration. We climbed up to a Highpoint hoping to see a beautiful sunset, unfortunately… Despite it being a lovely evening the sky didn’t want to play. We still had a great time there celebrating by the old druids stone in our village.

The kids loved being able to run so freely in such a massive, open-space as children do.

We have had sports days where little B was able to show off her athletic ability! She is so fast! I really can’t keep up with her when she runs any more.

What I absolutely love about this photo is her complete lack of any inhibitions in celebrating her success. Too true! Too many of bond in sadness and misery and hide our achievements for fear of others thinking we aren’t humble enough. I say -celebrate every achievement and start a new wave of humans that are proud of themselves and of each other.

And then there have been music festivals… This one is our local village music festival, and this one…

Is a bigger one in Derbyshire called the Y not? Festival. Here we are enjoying watching the Kaiser Chiefs…

And here… Catfish and the Bottlemen. We took our van thank goodness as the rain and wind was so bad for 24 hours. We were okay though but the next morning the poor campers looked like a tornado had gone through. There were tents up in the trees and trashed tents everywhere. The poor souls.

Jeremy Corbyn visited our local town. We went along to see what he had to say and B was adamant that she wanted to give him a flower! Well, she did! And here he is putting it in his buttonhole. I noticed it slipped down into his jacket pocket as it was pretty wilted. I see him in this jacket on TV quite often and wonder if The Flower is still in that pocket somewhere!

We’ve had another trip to London… This time we went to see the Lion King and enjoyed a very comical trip up the river. But out of everything we do in London, little bees absolute favourite thing is…

Feeding the pigeons! And the more pigeons she can get to sit on her the better! Such fun.

Here is the view of our house from the Oracles field next door. You can see that the roof is almost complete here but if I tell you that it was only finished a week before Christmas you can imagine the implications of having no roof in December!

I take this photograph every Christmas. The moment that little B is held up by her dad to put the Angel on the tree. I love to compare the pictures over the years.

And as the months roll by, so do the arts and crafts which continue to entertain us amongst more technological past times that have encroached into our lives. It’s hard to see little B growing up so fast before my eyes and becoming interested in the obligatory technological world that was so unfamiliar to my childhood. She is pretty heavily monitored though and only goes into her electrical virtual reality at the weekend mornings so far. Minecraft is very much enjoyed and it is all quite innocent so far…

And here I am with my wonderful man on my 40th birthday. We had a great night out with close friends.

And then took Little B to the other side of the world! M had taken it upon himself to book various accommodations around Thailand and it’s islands. We had our backpacks and our flip-flops and off we went.

I think we must have snorkelled around most of the islands! Little B was like a fish, barely leaving the water and playing with her aquatic friends for long hours through the day. M too! He is never happier than when he is in the water.

What a beautiful country, we enjoyed it’s Scenery and wildlife very much.

We even got to swim with the odd reef shark or two. This one is just a baby… M and B went snorkelling at Shark point and a great big one as big as him was swimming around underneath them! I’m not sure I would have been as calm!

Look at this little monkey! There were two people in charge of the boat on this particular trip and one had fallen asleep at the front… Little B was mischievously trying to tickle his toes!

That is me and little B up there! This is something I’ve always wanted to do… It was fabulous but I have to say, I was glad to put my feet back on the Sandy shore.

After Thailand we moved on to Singapore…

I had seen this vertical garden on a David Attenborough documentary and really wanted to go and take a look at it. Wow! These are phenomenal and very inspiring.

And the flowers there were just sensational.

I think my favourite place there was little India. Little B and I have been reading about goddesses and gods so she loved this temple with its colours and music.

Here we are in Norfolk, Celebrating my parents Golden wedding anniversary. They took us all away and we enjoyed really nice food and family times for the weekend altogether.

It Was a weekend where the whole country was forecast to be under torrential rain. Somehow, despite the forecast… It stayed dry! It was freezing cold and windy but thankfully we didn’t get soaked to the skin. We managed to get out and about, Catching crabs and enjoying the Norfolk scenery.

And the year came to a close since writing to you last with March where we celebrate Bs eighth birthday. Eight!!! How did that happen? Here is a beautifully crafted cake that grandma has made for her.

And what a wonderful eight-year-old she is 🥰

I can’t finish this post without saying rest in peace to great gramps – Ms Grandad and to great Grandma, his other grandma. I’ve unfortunately not got a photo to hand if grandma and the only digital pic to hand if Gramps is this one, which seems fitting as he always made us laugh.

God bless


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