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Thanks for visiting me here on WindyHill….

WindyHill is in Nottinghamshire and there is nothing at the same height as us between here and the Ural mountain range in Russia.

We moved to this house in 2010 when I was heavily pregnant with my gorgeous little girl.   The house was once a vicarage and we bought it from the church.  Many years serving the clergy have left this house of ours a little sterile in nature and lacking in love.  It has had a serious lack of TLC and is left very much in the 70s.  We have so much to do to bring life back to our house on windyhill and are making our way slowly, bringing a smile to it’s walls once again as we go.

Becoming a mum has really changed my whole outlook on life so much.  I am spellbound by my little girl and am fascinated by her development.  As every mum knows, I really can’t believe how much my heart has swelled since she has come along.  I want to fill this house with colour and love and since the arrival of little B, it has suddenly taken on a new life and seems to have warmed to her arrival.  My crochet hook has been working hard and since getting a sewing machine for my birthday, and learning how to use it slowly,  I’m getting there with a few homemade soft furnishings.  I have so many ideas but juggling life with a toddler, windows of time are of the essence!

Before I was blessed with the arrival of our wonderful little girl, I was a teacher in a comprehensive school.  I taught music and loved doing it.  I’m a classical musician really, but at the end of my maternity leave, I just couldn’t justify looking after other peoples children instead of my own.  My other half was generous enough to agree to letting me be at home with little B and so that is what I did.  We live a modest life really and enjoy being out and about with nature more than anything.   I became  pregnant in the middle of a practitioners diploma course in Aromatherapy and Reflexology and I finally qualified in  2010.  I`ve never pursued this yet, but it really comes in handy for home remedies for the family.

I hope to bring B and any future children a childhood filled with love, colour, music, holistic knowledge and arts and crafts….. the plan is that with this blog I can leave her documented memories along with tutorials and ideas and that I can share them with you along the way.




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