Get well soon

Crikey, what a sickly Christmas! After all that build up and effort, it’s been like a hospital wing up on windyhill. Little b has been dropping to sleep all over the place…


Here she is in tinkys dog bed at grannys house…


And here, my poor little sweet pea is red hot and exhausted under her grandmas tree. For the past two days, we have had pyjama days, only coming out of them to play with Glow in the dark rubber ducks in the bath!


A great little stocking filler.


She’s had so many presents and so many are still unwrapped under the tree for when she is feeling better. We took her to the emergency doctor early on boxing day morning. 3 days of fever and coughing brought on a nosebleed, poor little mite. We’ve been given the all clear though and just have to continue to love her through this nasty bug.


On Christmas eve we left father Christmas a wee dram of whiskey and a mince pie….


The reindeer had carrots and magic reindeer food. (I just mixed porridge oats with glitter) and we sat in front of the fire for a picnic.


Little b was more interested in her daddys head torch though…


And dressed herself in her jingly hat and mummys shoes for the occasion…..


After admiring herself in the mirror!


That night, something special happened…. Aroo was attached with magic thread to the ceiling light and ….


Appeared to be flying when b came down in the morning. She was very impressed with this!

I really hope I get my happy, sweet little friend back to normal soon. It’s especially difficult as now I’m on penicillin for a throat infection and all I want to do is curl up in bed. I love being a full time mummy for so many reasons, but as my fellow ftm bestie correctly said…. There’s no days off, no putting them in nursery so you can go back to bed. And there’s not.

If only I had a clone….


Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve xxxxxxx yay!!!!! It feels like I have been waiting forever for this day to come. Little b has asked daily ‘Santa pop chimney mummy?’ ‘not today,Darling, soon!’ is the standard reply.


Remember my Christmas fabrics I was being secretive about?


Oh, they are lovely aren’t they. I turned them into…


Pillow cases and I love, love, love them!


Here is little b’s. Obviously, I didn’t take the credit….


A certain little elf is skilled on the sewing machine!


I’m so proud of them and surprised m with them yesterday evening too!


I really, really wish I did a before and after photo of our bedroom cupboards here. This is a huge achievement. You see, m is so busy and comes in and dumps his tools, receipts and goodness knows what everywhere and these drawers were a huge pile of rubbish!


And now I have a bedroom that actually looks nice!!


I got out in the garden and picked some holly….


Put some downstairs too….


Found my crochet cloth and some fairy lights and couldn’t wait for darkness to come!


But in the meantime, my poor little munchkin has been so poorly. She sank in to my new pillows and slept a little longer by my side….


Her temperature rises and falls constantly at the minute. 39.1 in the night last night. Poor little mite.


Darkness came and as m and b came upstairs, a strange, welcoming glow came from our usually un-welcoming bedroom!


Surprised faces peeked in and found….


Aroo had been busy with fairy lights again!


And bought us some lovely holly…


Everything looked lovely and a very poorly little girl managed a tiny smile, so a job well done xxxxxxx

Merry Christmas my friends…. Have a wonderful Christmas. Do leave a comment to say what you will be doing. Today, if little b is up to it, we will be singing carols around the Christmas tree in my village xxxxxx

Father Christmas


Ha ha…. My little friend is learning the art of smiling on command, and this is the result! Bless her. We had a lovely surprise parcel the other morning. B’s grandma had packed up a lovely Christmas parcel and posted it to b. Inside was this lovely Christmas jumper….


This sweet little jumper dress and a lovely Christmas book. Thank you grandma xxx


Today, we were back at one of our favourite places again…. Rufford abbey. This time for a very special visit….


It seems that visiting father Christmas in the pouring rain was quite a good idea. We were the first in the grotto!


Little b was fine with Santa, she wasn’t scared of him at all. I think all the books we have been reading have helped.  She immediately started requesting her aeroplane that she really wants.


He was a lovely, kind and talkative father Christmas with twinkly eyes. B was enticed immediately by a book he held.


And he gave her a lovely little toy giraffe which she hasn’t put down since.


Aroo has been creating more magic. Here he is swinging from some Christmas lights he put up in little bs bedroom….


She loved it.  She is going to be very sad when he flies back to the north pole. I’m not looking forward to it. It’s kind of evolved that he is a Christmas tree elf and will disappear when the tree comes down.


We’ve been busy making things over advent, paper garlands….


Twinkly stars. Little b is breaking all our hearts at the moment with her beautifully sweet version of twinkle twinkle little star. Xxx


Angels and many, many pictures.


She is still enjoying granddads police helmet and loot at the beautiful Christmas outfit that her grandma and poppop bought her for special Christmas times…


Poor little mite is unwell tonight. She’s just been snuggling up with me out of bed for an hour after being sick.  Let’s hope it will pass as quickly as it arrived.

Merry Christmas to you all xxxxx

Polar Express day


For the last few weeks, my sewing machine has been going like billyo.  So many presents to make, so many Christmas things for the house…. I do find myself asking why am I doing this?  I was very much looking forward to m getting back from working as I had our polar express film afternoon all planned and ready. I absolutely love this film and was really, really hoping I could get little bs attention with it.  I wanted to create a really special afternoon that we can do as a tradition each year.


I made my little lady a candlelit bath…


It looked lovely.


And made her bedroom all twinkly too….


She loved it!


And whilst her daddy held the fort for a moment, I set the scene downstairs too.


Putting candles everywhere…


Even by my now residential sewing machine.


Closed the curtains….


Something I’ve only just started to do….


And got things ready.  My little lady enjoys a weak hot chocolate from time to time, but she’s never had marshmellows before. Yum.


She snuggled up with her daddy in her new, pink dressing gown and gobbled one or two up!


Whilst I made one of her favourites…. Corn on the cob.


All was going well until a little grizzly alien in our DVD player, decide that it didn’t like the disc! Oh noooo!


But m being the clever thing he is, rearranged the living room, took a picture down off of the wall and set up a projector to play it from the laptop.


Oh my goodness. It was like being at the cinema. I have never appreciated that film as much. At times I felt like I was on the train!


And little b, bless her pure, little heart, sat through the whole thing. She loved it!

And my heart sang another grateful little song for my happy little family and home xxxxxxx

Twinkly lights


This is going to be a long one!

We’ve been busy, busy the last few days. It’s been wonderful.


Firstly, the frost has gone! No evidence of its wonder anywhere. I’m rather disappointed. My garden is a boggy, wet area once again.


The thaw brought rain, rain, rain. Oh it was yucky….


Lights on in the daytime murkyness. Urgh!  Thankfully, I don’t really get affected by murky weather. In a way, I quite like it! As long as it doesn’t linger too long.


Unlike Maureen, my old girl, car. She definitely disapproves. Oh dear, I have become extremely skilled at jump starting my car!


And charging it up regularly. New battery desperately needed!!


However, murky days are great for den building!

And writing letters to father Christmas.  Look at my little beauty, colouring our first letter to Santa.


Here is the result. Bella requests an aeroplane every time we ask her what she wants father Christmas to bring her. I, on the other hand, would like a pair of wellies without a hole in them!


There! I think we’re all done….And off it goes. The royal mail, here in England, have an address to write to with Christmas letters and Santa will write back! I can’t wait to see what the reply looks like.


M had a busy morning with little b yesterday and created her this marvel out of toilet rolls, cardboard and corks. He is so clever. There really is nothing he can’t do.


Saturday night, little b was very excited to get in mummys car and go on an adventure in the dark to rufford park.
Granny and granddad came along too.


Thank goodness actually, as the event we went to see turned out to have an unexpected admission charge and poor old granny had to help out!The event was called the aurora lights and the gardens were illuminated magically.


On the way through the abbey grounds, a glitter ball made snowflake patterns on the flaw and little b was enthralled by standing on them.


We went down dark paths, listening to meditative music and looked up at the skeletal, shimmery structures above us of the ancient and wonderful trees that we may not normally notice.


B raced along the paths as if she was scared she would miss out if she didn’t run and granny and granddad enjoyed watching her.


It looked beautiful. Colourful and ethereal.






And majestic.

The children’s play gardens looked more like fantasy realms….


And the metal sculptures took on a whole new life in strange colours.


So much for my little friend to take in. It overwhelms me to imagine how all these new and exciting experiences must be for her.


I was especially taken by these willow, dancing ladies.


Someone is very clever.


And I liked these stone mushroom people.


But this was my favourite bit. These colourful lanterns lit the way to the abbey with such beauty and magical effect.




And they provided beebop with a great opportunity to play hide and seek!


Her favourite game at the moment.


More magical avenues showed us the way….


And mesmerised my little friend.  I like this picture.


Little b was still running through the paths at this point…



and as we headed towards the end….


Granddad made a new friend! X7


We said goodbye to our final views of the abbey and then….


Came across this glorious moment. I absolutely love these colours together. Now, this is a metal sculpture that I must have walked by so many times and never really studied.  It is made up of so many happy words, but I liked this view with the word ‘fun’ right in the middle. Too true!



Goodnight, love and seasons greetings to you all xxxxxxx