Yorkshire puds


So,  this is approximately a fifth of our wood pile!
Autumn is around the corner and the weather has changed suddenly. You know on Mary poppins when the wind changes and everything else does with it? …. It feels a little like that.


The phone has started ringing as our country starts to feel slightly chilly…. People want to snuggle up by their fires and wrap up in blankets.


Lorry after lorry has come and brought us a small mountain to work through…


Little b has enjoyed her visits to the wood mountain, but poor m is working all the hours god sends.



In the meantime, I’m keeping him well fed! 


Roasted beets in honey and balsamic, courtesy of my sisters allotment…


Yummy roast potatoes, again dug up by my brother-in-law….


And Yorkshire puddings.

I’m going to share my Yorkshire pudding recipe with you as I seem to be pretty good at them! Good job really as M is a Yorkshireman!

Here we are then.

Now, I’m lucky enough to have both a fan oven and a convection oven.  I always use the convection oven for my Yorkshire puds.

I tend to make my batter in advance and put it in the fridge until later also.

The mixture…. Feeds four…

Break two eggs into a bowl and whisk thoroughly.

Add a good splash of cold water and whisk again.

Add salt and pepper.

Add 3 tablespoons of plain flour or multi purpose flour in the U.S.A
Not level spoons but not heaped up either, somewhere in the middle.

Whisk, whisk, whisk until the lumps are gone.

Add enough milk to make the mixture the same consistency as pancake mix. I use whole milk as I buy it for little b but I don’t suppose it matters.

Add a splash of cooking oil and whisk again!

When you’re ready to cook them, make sure your oven is the hottest it will go and pop your oiled Yorkshire tins in on the top shelf, but make sure the shelf isn’t too high or they will burn when they rise.

When your oil is smoking, remove your tin and pour your mixture into each hole.

Pop back in the oven and just leave them and have faith!!!!

Do not open the door!

You will see the puddings rise and will be able to monitor their colour.  Remove from the oven before they get too dark and enjoy!
Cover in gravy… Of course!

Xxx Eve xxx