I just had to share this adorable picture of little b transfixed with the candle inside our pumpkin. I’m afraid it was done in a hurry and is rather simple but b thought it was fantastic. She has been a bit perturbed by the ghoulish looking pumpkins she has spotted out and about so the whole process of carving one will hopefully help her understand.


B wanted to surround herself with the pumpkins we have bought.


And enjoyed eating the seeds and throwing them to tinky! I love the whole side of Halloween that focuses on the ancient origins of it being basically a harvest festival. As you know, I have a thing about nature as a provider, so it’s right up my street. I love Autumn and it’s abundance and focus on this rather than ghosts and ghouls. I love bats as we have them here whizzing around our house…. They will be hibernating soon so my bats I’ve made pay homage to them! Our house is always full of spiders too, so our pom pom spider seemed rather fitting! So you see, little b…. Nature is the main focus up here on windy hill…. With the exception of my white witches shoe, and…….


My spooky front door sighn! Happy Halloween one and all xxxxxxx


Crochet bat garland.


Hi there…. I have a very quick 2 minutes to do this as we have our Cornish friends travelling up the country as I speak and after a massive clean up operation this morning (m makes us marvelous things but makes a lot of dust as he does), dinner now in the slow cooker…. (One meat chilli and one vegetarian chilli for b and I) I have now got to run to the shop and buy all the groceries. So….
I promised my pattern for my bat garland and thought I’d better get on with it as Halloween weekend approaches rapidly!


Here it is….

Chain 27
In the second stitch from the hook, single crochet. Single crochet again. Half double in the next two stitches, treble in the next two stitches, half double in the next two, single crochet,slip stitch in the next two, now chain four right there where you have just stopped. Slip stitch in to the first chain of the four, slip stitch into the next stitch. There, you’ve just made one ear!  Now do half doubles in the next two stitches, now for the other ear…. Slip stitch and chain 4. Slip stitch in to first chain of the four. Now slip stitch in the next two stitches. Single crochet, half double in the next two stitches, treble in the next two and half double in the next two. Single crochet in the next two and chain one to help you turn on to the underside of your bat.


Single crochet in first two stitches. Half double in next two, treble in next two, half double in the next two.  Single crochet, slip stitch, slip stitch. Now for the bat body, you should be under his ear now…. Half double in next 4 stitches. Slip stitch, slip stitch, single crochet.  Half double in next two stitches, treble in next two, half double in next two. Single crochet in next two.  There one bat!!!!

I then chained one and then single crocheted along the underside to create a nice edge, but it doesn’t work on the top side so fasten off on the wing tip.

I added goggley eyes and embroidered a little pink mouth. I added green colour down the wings by poking my hook through the initial chain, pulling up the green wool and slip stitching down all the chain holes in each wing.

To make the garland, I chained 40 then skip stitched on to a mid point of each wing.  I chained 20 between each bat.  I chained 40 after the last bat.  I then used green wool to single crochet along the top of the chain.

Phew!!! I’ve done that fast, so if you have any questions, do ask.

Right…..  onwards and upwards!!! Xxxxxx